Why I enjoy taking photos

in photography •  last year

MomentCam_20170925194830.gif Hi everyone,

Some of you may know that I enjoy photography. I'm not a professional photographer but I love taking photos wherever I travel or anything that is interesting.

To me it's fun and help me see the beauty and lovely things in life.


Moments happen all the time and they can happen fast. There are days you wish you could hold on to and with your camera or phone, you can. Since I had my son, I feel aware how time quickly goes.


Photography freezes these moments so I can take the time to enjoy them.

2017-08-28 10.09.34 1.jpg

While part of the joy comes in capturing the pictures, I also really love sharing them with you guys. It's much more enjoyable when I get to share it with someone.


I hope you guys enjoy my photos and memories I share about my life.


Have a great day!


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I love your post beautiful photos


thank you 😊

I took few photos earlier; now I have your infection!


hehe. Thanks for stopping by!


You're most welcome; lovely pictures!

I always enjoy your photos especially being on the opposite side of the world the terrain is so different from here. Makes me want to visit one day.


Thanks Chris ❤ Yes you should definitely visit.

These are some incredible pictures! I loved your work!


thank you ❤

Hi lovely, i like the little shooting star in your last animated pic. that's for sevenstars yeah? u said u like taking pics of all the lovely things in life.. yet there is no selfie of u?! :P


Haha. You are so funny! You always makes me laugh.

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