Early morning blues, more blue than Gatorade 😍⛰ @ Emerald Lake BC CanadasteemCreated with Sketch.

in photography •  2 years ago
Here is to everyone and to have a nice day ahead. Get out and enjoy nature, pick up trash and leave no trace ☺ Once in awhile you have to just put your camera down and enjoy it with your eyes.

2017-09-07 01.08.18 1.jpg


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it looks so pretty there! Great photos :) Followed you

Stunningly beautiful. What lovely place to sit and take it all in.

lovely views!!


Wow!!! Truly it is a nature's wonder. 💖💖💖

Great pictures! @lgfurmanczyk

wow this picture looks like from a paiting i really love it <3 inspiring

cheers from venezuela my friend <3

really nice photo thank you for sharing them thank you

Lovely blue water, upvoted an followed

the moment is adorable while captured.

I wanna go there and take some photos too. :>

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Hey bud, I was thinking about launching a teamcanada building exercise. Maybe get some of the active members to showcase where there from and why they love Canada..would u be interested? I need to get a few ppl to commit and then myself and phelimint will start the ball rolling. Hit Steemit with our Canadian awesomeness u know? lol I think it'd be fun to see everyone's neighborhoods and hear from em. Then I'll put em all in a post roundup. Good way to get to know and introduce ourselves to eachother. Let me know bud?.. no pressure 😊

Stunning! Nice shots! I love it that you still have the trees in the shot :)

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