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It was almost seven months ago I went to the beautiful city of Porto. The best part of travelling is to share all the experiences with others (family or friends), well in this case It was with my friends, which made this trip even better.

This sunset was in the first day, we arrived at dinner time so we went out to find a place to eat. We walked more than thirty minutes to find a restaurant, finally we found Pizza Hut and after a lot of pizza this happened... This beautiful sunset, if we hadn't walked so much we wouldn't experience this unique landscape. So thanks Pizza Hut for being so far away and for making us suffer because we found out this beautiful view....




A frente de minha casa!! Mas não me canso desta vista haha

So lucky!! Um dos melhores sunsets que já vi!!

Incredible photos @leonorfig4!! This sunset was very beautiful, and this day was fantastic.