Village photography-Countryside#Working people

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Village photography

Amazing sights of village ashore

Working people

Canon 700D





incredible india

U just reminded me of the place where I was born,, even if It is not in India and a little bit different but the same life style though,, very huge difference between City Life and Village Life. However, The village is always the place of calm and run away from Stress of life even if It is hard to live in It.
Keep It up.

Beautiful photography .Nice dear.

Dear @ leohira123.Khub valo laglo post ta. Mainly u are from Kolkata. I am also. But tumi 3 te tag use korecho. Instead of 5? Any special reason? Janale khushi hobo..

The photography is really amazing. This is the beauty of nature that has been found in the photography. I appreciate your great photography.

I like your photos #leohira123, it's peaceful.

@leohira123 first picture is amazing.Followed you and hope to see more pictures like this.

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Really hard working people!

Perfect photo shot.💓

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Very good shoots, you got the eye for it, hope to se more of your work

Very good shoots, you
Got the eye for it, hope to
Se more of your work

                 - strangeluis

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