Making a interesting picture

in #photography3 years ago (edited)

Other of my likes is to work on Photoshop with images. Is an other way of creating art.
In this case I used my friend Jason. He loves soccer so we created the concept of him being on a stadium as a player.
We started on a improvised studio with a 3 lighting setting, (you can see this on the first picture) then I bought some background pictures from stock photography site, brought the images in to PS and started playing with different combinations.IMG_2480 Jason.JPG

After a wile this are the two best ones.
Thanks for your feedback your upvotes and shares, and as always if you have any questions happy to answer.Jason Composit 2 copy.jpg
composit copy.jpg

and if this inspired you or awaken your inner photographer be sure to share with us. Cheers


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