When I Carried Two Cameras

in photography •  last year

I miss film. I miss the stifling darkness when winding my precious film onto the spindle and placing it in the developing can. I miss the water running, the gentle agitating of the film and the anxiety I always felt right before the final wash. I miss taking my developed film out of the drying cabinet into the darkroom. I miss the smell of fixer. I miss the magic of seeing an image develop right in front of my eyes. I miss exposing the image a second time, to tweak it just a little bit more. Photography was so beguiling to me in the beginning, because it is a hand crafted work of art. I miss carrying my two cameras. #film is not dead

black and white film, AE1 camera early morning light Cumberland Island, Ga
digital camera Canon T2i same trip early morning light
digital again, same trip soft evening light

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