Jardin du Monastere de Cimiez.

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Rosary in the monastery garden on the hill of Cimieux in Nice.
On the picturesque hill of Cimieux, surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean nature, is an amazing place – the monastery complex of Cimieux, which in 1994 was included in the list of historical monuments of France. This monastic complex includes four of the most interesting sights:

  • Franciscan Museum;

  • beautiful garden of the monastery, created in the XVI century.;

  • a small chapel, which was eventually transformed into the Church of the assumption of our lady;

  • cemetery at the monastery, where residents and prominent personalities of nice are buried.

In the monastery of Cimiez is the oldest garden in nice. It was founded in 1546. Until our time, this garden has retained its beauty and splendor. Today, it often becomes a place of rest for visiting tourists, and in the summer turns into a lush oasis, which hosts concerts of chamber music.

In the garden planted more than three thousand rose bushes collected in rectangular flower beds. Along the retaining wall – climbing roses.

Pergolas attract the most attention of tourists. One of them – stone, old, covered with grapes, tecoma, clematis, morning glory. Vases with oleanders and ivy are exhibited in niches.


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