The false truth about the world we live in

in photography •  3 months ago

There is not much to write, the pictures are talking.

the animals live here and the people here

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do not you see the photos? I only see pictures ..

yeah... that's litteraly world we live in... kinda sad....

all the picture have a deep meaning. its good :)but i'll be a lot better if you could give your opinion about some of the picture.



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La triste realidad de nuestra sociedad. Estas imagenes dicen mas que 100 palabras, buen post. Saludos!

It touch my heart
We become what. 😞

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That's the bitter truth of our today's Life. Being a kid of twentieth century , I feel more worse. Thanks for creatively puting ideas. Good Day

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Sad, but so true. As human consciousness continues to evolve, the more of us will be aware.. and perhaps even break these habit patterns.

This is such impactful art right here... I want it plastered all over so people can reflect! Resteemed it! Love it! Sad but real... ❤️

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Thanks for sharing your experience in real life and i agree with u

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It is sad... But this is the truth... World is very big trash ... But people did it themselves... We need new world order


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Lack of goal and solutions to our fundamental problems leads to world that looks like this. Human freedom is a terrifying thing, we can do magnificent things, and yet, we can fall really low.