One image summarizes the universe!

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We all know that the universe is very broad and almost impossible to imagine or limit in one scene.

But musician Pablo Carlos Budasi was able to do this by combining the logarithmic maps of the universe taken from Princeton and NASA images. The musician designed the image that summarizes the universe in one disc.
The sun and its system are located in the heart of the image, followed by the outer ring of the Milky Way Galaxy, the arm of Perseus, a ring of other nearby galaxies such as Andromeda and the rest of the cosmic grid, the remaining background radiation of the Big Bang, and finally a ring of plasma arising from the Big Bang.
Logarithms help us understand the huge numbers, in this case the huge distances. Instead of displaying all parts of the universe on a linear scale, each part of the circle represents the field of view of a larger event than the one before it. The whole universe can therefore be seen within a single circle.

The idea occurred to Bodasi, when he designed the "hexaflexagons" model, on his first son's birthday. In engineering, flat forms are usually designed by folding strips of paper and can be bent or folded in many ways to reveal painted faces on both sides.

"When I was modeling a hexaflexagons model for my son's birthday, I began sketching the central scenes of the universe and the solar system," Budasi said in an interview with Tech Insider. "The idea of logarithmic vision came that day, and I was able to assemble NASA images and some of the plugins I designed Via Photoshop. "

Source: Independent


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