KwakuMax Photo Series #25

in photography •  6 months ago

Keep on holding onto those memories. They will do you more good in days of depression and despondency. No one will forget captured memories. Life offers us many chances to create lasting memories so grab one. Make the time to grab and it shall serve you forever.

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I love you work. At first the lady in the photo was you , until i saw your profile picture.
I notice your return : vote ratio is very high.
Great work.

You sure said it all.. good memories would come handy when you down and depressed just hold on to the good memories and hope for the best ..
Awesome post



hermosas palabras eres muy buena

Recuerdos tristes de un alegre pasado.
Las páginas se pasan y el libro continua hasta el final.
No podemos aferrarnos al pasado.
Como dice Gorky.... La vida continua.
Gracias por el artículo

great photography

Great post. I just upvote you kindly follow. Thanks