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Was out on vacation to Jamaica the week before last. Have had crazy busy weeks at work before and after. Just getting some free time to post a few pics. We really enjoyed this trip for our 11th Anniversary. The highlight for me was going out on a catamaran sail, then snorkeling before heading to Margaritaville.
It looks a little smaller in this pic, but the boat pretty large, held around 20-30 people, including the crew. We got to see some colorful fish, large stingray, lots of spiny urchins (be careful even swimming at the beach!), some really cool reef formations and other. I didn't have an underwater camera nor my drone. If planning to travel there, for sure take an underwater camera, and they seem pretty drone friendly, just don't like them at the hotel grounds. I was not brave enough to risk the new drone being confiscated at customs.

This picture below was Rose Hall, one of the favorite tour site, a haunted plantation house where multiple people were murdered. Interesting story if you google it.

And below, the view from Rose Hall stairs, just gorgeous.

Below is our beach view. Just outside the hotel, only a few steps away.

Don't know how to flip the photo correct here. Here we are at Margaritaville in Montego Bay. Food was outstanding! I just love all the jerk chicken they have down here. Very spicy and some of my favorite.

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Beautiful photos of Jamaica. We went to Montego Bay a while back and I'd love to go back.
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Thanks! It was definitely a relaxing trip. This was our first time at an "all-inclusive", we stayed at Secrets St. James, and it was definitely nice. I think we were really spoiled by the amount of food and free drinks everywhere. It was very cool to not have to even look at pricing at dinners, and having drinks carried out to the pool, brought to dinner tables, etc. Several on-site restaurants that were included in the deal, as well as all the room service we wanted.

Hey mate, wondered where you got to. Looks nice there and seems like you had a good trip. I'm looking forward to seeing some more shots.

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Heh well that's about all the decent pictures I think folks interested in. We really didn't do a lot other than the catamaran/snorkeling, and the Haunted Rose Hill tour. Well, actually my wife got a really nice deal (well, I got the deal, she got the bracelet, lol) on a gorgeous tennis bracelet with these blue diamonds, maybe I'll post a pic of that. Otherwise we just unplugged with lots of just sitting at the beach and pool.

Getting unplugged is awesome. I've never been over that way but seems nice. I suppose for us it's easier and cheaper to do what you did in Asia - Malaysia, Thailand etc. Wouldn't mind a bit if pool-side lazing myself to be honest.

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