Sunday in Nature - Picking Fungi with my Fun guys!

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Picking Fungi with my Fun guys! (so punny 😂)

I spent the afternoon with my 5 favorite dudes. Exploring, getting dirty and enjoying nature.
Sundays are for family. My Dustin was heading out to the woods to snap pictures of some mushrooms he had previously spotted there in order to identify them. I decided to go with him, we took the kids, gave everyone a bag and picked all different varieties of mushrooms.

My Funguys!


We ended up picking over 100 mushrooms and I estimate that we had atleast 20 or so different varieties. Unfortunately, most are either not edible or eat with caution type varieties. I love mushrooms, but I don't love gastrointestinal illness. We had a lot of fun though, we all love the woods.

Can you see this camouflage master?!?!?


This little frog was hopeful I wouldn't see him, he stayed perfectly still. One of my sons caught 3 frogs and a snake when we were out walking around, no worries, he released them all promptly.

This is my favorite mushroom I found, no idea what it is. It looks like it belongs under the sea.

Until next time.

Thanks for swinging by.

All the love-


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They are all so cute, we have plenty of mushrooms here, and I never miss to take a photography of them but I wouldn't dare to collect to eat because I do not have a deep knowledge and don't want to risk it... I capture them with my camera and my sketchbook.


They can easily make you sick and some are even deadly....we picked and then tossed, and washed our hands promptly.


Even the experts have trouble identifying mushrooms. That's way I stay away for them for now. Someday when I have time I'll look into them more.

Very nice photography

Great collection... the mushrooms and the boys really sprouted up this summer!

very cool Krista, I had no idea you all were such avid mushroom foragers! Looks like you came across some pretty interesting specimens as well.

I've got my own mushroom post I've got to finish up when I have a chance, some huge mushrooms that were growing out in our field in CT (thinking some were Amanitas, and some were puff balls, among others). :)

Nature for the win ^-^