Summertime Kitty

in #photography2 years ago

I just love these #animalphotography Mondays, this time I better win for real, but if I don't - oh well.

As you may have guessed it will be another picture of my kitty cat just chilling in the yard being nice and good!

I really enjoy this picture of her, probably because I'm happy with the way it turned out after I edited it. I really dig the warm earth tones and the cat looks cozy and peaceful, ah what a great life she's living!


If you're curious to see how this picture used to look before I processed it in Photoshop, I'm going to post the original as well.
What I did to achieve this result was playing around with Hue, Saturation and Luminance sliders in RAW editor and a bit of Selective Color tool as well. Basically you just increase the warm colors' intensity and make sure all the cool ones like cyan, blue and greens are subdued.
The rest is your basic photo editing process.

If you're interested in learning more about daily photo contests, you're welcome to head over to @julaink's blog.

The images were taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III and a Canon EF - 40mm - F/2.8 lens.


i love cats and this cat is so cute! she has beautiful eyes <3

Thank you @fatimaah :) cats are awesome!

yes and innocent too!

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She looks mesmerized by the little berry on the branch in front of her :-)

She does! What a little weirdo! Probably contemplating if she should eat it or not :D

She does looks really amazing and beautiful .
especially her eyes !

Thanks @rehan12! It's my princess kitty hahaha

beautiful pic and cat!

I like Photoshop I think I should use this for some images

Now your beautiful cat I noticed the color of those eyes and poses very well for photos she looks very distracted

Yeah, for sure! Any editing software you can use is good, even for simple resizing and basic editing.
Thank you :)

When you apply Photoshop, the color of the eyes is more highlighted to your kitten, it looks a little clearer, I like how it looks, and your very calm kitten surely knew that you were going to take a photo

Ah yes, I probably should not have made them look that orange, but it's okay haha. Thank you!

Excellent edition and very good model that you have. Simply beautiful 😍

Thank you @rosargelisperez! Glad you enjoyed :)

What a sweet little face! I love this photo, but I actually really like the original too.

Thanks! Yeah, the original turned out decent, but the colors are a bit off, I love how warm the edited version is, even though it is summer, it kinda gives me a fall vibe, like if I put a pumpkin next to it you'd think it was taken in October haha

Yes it does have those Autumn colours, which I really love.

What a cat! Beautiful eyes you have!

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Great photo and great edits! Hmm.. your cat's left eye looks a bit "off" tho. I might try dodging that up a hair maybe. But anyway, great photo. Whenever I try to take photos of cats, they stare at me like they want to kill me and then run away. Hmmm

Thank you @dbooster! I didn't think there was anything weird about my kitty's eye, do you care to post a picture and point it out to me, I've been trying to look for imperfections, but I don't see any, please!

Haha, my cats are getting used to the camera although they aren't big fans!

Something like this, maybe


I might also add some more detail to the far eye if I had more time.

You have trained your cats well!

Oh I see what you mean. Thanks!

Какие глаза! Великолепное фото!

Кошечка принцесса, хаха. Спасибо.

Nice photo, and very cool how the editing work makes your kitty's eyes "pop" in that deep golden color!


Thank you! Yeah, they got quite orange in the edited version, naturally they're less saturated, but aren't plain yellow either, this still works though haha

I wonder about the white paint on the ground? Reminds me of the baselines when I used to play baseball... Great shot BTW!

Not sure what it is, must be from previous tenants :D

aaaaaaa so cute! Is this a Scottish fold? When we were getting a cat we wanted exactly this one but couldn't find it in Croatia so we got a British one instead. Looks exactly the same but has normal ears.

Yes, this is a Scottish fold! They are so popular in Eastern Europe, especially in Ukraine and Russia, super easy to get a kitten. Did you know that there are straight Scottish folds too, like with straight ears, British shorthairs are cute too, I heard they aren't as nice though, don't know how true that is haha

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