Let's Try Ramen Again

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I just love ramen haha

For someone who doesn't like pasta, I'm pretty hooked on ramen. I have been trying to make some a few times, but this is the first time that I actually took the time to cook the broth, and it was definitely the right decision. Even though I didn't have all kinds of bones the recipe called for I was able to achieve a rich meaty flavor with a few chicken legs I used for it.

For the full recipe and guide, please head over to RAMEN: CREAMY CHICKEN STOCK | TORI PAITAN | 鶏ガラパイタン.


As far as toppings go I decided to just throw in there what I had around in my fridge. Some carrots, spinach, scallions, sesame seeds, lime and boiled eggs that I previously let sit in low sodium soy sauce overnight.
Unfortunately, I completely forgot that my eggs were on the stove and I let them cook for far too long, than needed, I ended up with hard egg yolks instead of those runny and velvety ones, will definitely have to be more on point with them next time haha. They tasted awesome regardless, if I must say so myself.

Oh yeah, how are you liking these super dark photos? Been playing around with old camera Camera Raw presets, pretty content with the way the colors look in these pictures, and that grain, I always appreciate some.


The images were taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III and a Canon EF 50mm - F/1.8 lens.

artwork by kookyan

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Yeah, super black Ramen it is! 😂


It is indeed! I kinda liked the colors though. I need to buy a different ramen bowl, too haha


I almost can't believe I'm saying this but I've never had ramen! You have made it look very interesting. I like what you've done with the photos too - nice grain!


Thanks @gardeningchef! Did I write that I haven't had it? It's the first time I cooked the broth for it :)

Thanks, these are some camera raw presets that make pictures look like they were taken with film cameras.


No sorry I meant I have never had it haha!


That looks so delicious and healthy as well. The photos look great!😊


Thanks @white.tiger! I thought it was pretty healthy too, kind of. I don't know if broths are healthy haha

hi , I am from Venezuela but I love that kind of food


Cool, thanks!

It looks delicious Japanese dish.


Thanks @daysiselena :)

Отличные вкусные фото!