Vintage fashions w/ Faye D'Ville!

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Good evening, Steemians! It’s a late night and I’m trying to get a post made before I slip in to a coma. @bonni went home today, sadly. @guthrie enjoyed his Sunday gaming session with little friends. Me, @vermillionfox and @tarotbyfergus had a few rounds Magic: The Gathering. @mada helped me with a nerve racking crypto transaction, and the two of us and @ghostfish talked blockchain conundrums and philosophy. All and all, a great day, but I’m feeling depleted.

So, with that…I wanted to share a few new photos. These are of the Brazilian pinup beauty, Faye D’Ville. Faye managed to grab the only shoot I had available before my October trip throughout the east coast and Canada. In fact, I had a cancelation and she messaged me the same night I got work the previous model wasn’t able to make the shoot. I offered it to her, and she locked it down. 

Leading up to the shoot, Faye was incredibly understanding of a marathon trip that I honestly, wasn’t prepared for. I was in touch less with her than I should have been. Shoots had piled up, my travel was being booked and changed last minute. This job is always stressful, but this trip was particularly difficult to manage. Faye checked in. She booked her own hair and make-up, and we had permission to shoot at our mutual friend Rene’s vintage store in Brooklyn, SlapBack.

She met me early on a Sunday morning. I arrived and opened the boutique. Once Faye showed up, we walked around the corner, bought a bagel and coffee and talked over our ideas. I explained to her my unorthodox approach to shooting with only available light. Working with her was such a collaborative experience as she attempted even the craziest ideas I came up with for pose scenarios. 

We shot for almost two hours, taking breaks in between to talk over ideas. It was one of the more relaxed shoots I had on a break-neck photo tour. A nice reprise from the pace. The first handful of edits from the shoot with Faye are making it in to the pages of “Dark Pinup” with @wcpublishing. I couldn’t ask for much more than that, and a new friend!

Thanks for reading! For more photography, art, illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me @kommienezuspadt!

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Lars darling, I blame you and all the gorgeous ladies in your photos about the fact that every day I'm more in dire need of very expensive lingerie..

I really like the women on the picture

Fantastic work! Using only natural/available light is challenging indeed.

You look great, shots and background are fitting well! And the most of all, yoi had great time that you'll remember.
Now, wish you deserved nice sleep :)

the photos are amazing

we walked around the corner, bought a bagel and coffee and talked over our ideas. I explained to her my unorthodox approach to shooting with only available light.

Wow dear your idea worked very well...its not an easy task to shoot the shots in a low light but i must appreciate buddy you have done it really well....and the Brazilian model is as perfect as your shots..enjoyed it...well done work.:)

WoW great shots. wonderful modeling and aesthetic scene!
congratulations. exceptional with successful settings and editing!

You are a lucky man having such a beautiful girls in the studio !!

Wow.. amazing photography i like your art story.. thanks for sharing this blog...

Beautiful photos man, you have a new follower!👍

Great post + sexy lady in black undies, come on man you made my day!!!

Nice and hot photography... Nice post.I respect you very much because you contribute to steemit.I will do activities like…

Lucky you..... These shots are beautiful...

Choice of model ,tattooes,choices of place are really successful.i also like colours and compositions of the pictures...


I read your wonderful article well. I am lucky to see this article.

Her lingerie is beautiful! I think working with a photographer as awesome as yourself would make anyone super comfortable!
I was thinking of what you said about going to dinner and being able to pay without worries. This totally made me smile.
Hugs to you and your tribe <3

Stunning work man. You've a real knack for giving these pinup shoots a dark cinematic edge. I guess that's why the book is called "Dark Pinup". Its definitely a nice change from a lot of the bright "cutesy" way a lot of photographers shoot pinup. The dark vibe works so much better.

Wow, stunning photos as usual.

Do you ever post any of your blockchain philosophy? I'd be interested in reading it :)

I really admire the second to last photo with Faye's head in the light and her body in the shadow. I've been trying to push myself personally with using shadow. I tend to like even light, but some of the shots I'm proudest are in "weird" light. I really appreciate your approach to available light only. I'd love to read a gear roundup from you one day!

Lovely photographs! I've always been a fan of pinup photography and fashion. My sister is a professional burlesque performer :) Miss Tosh <3 Thanks for sharing! I just posted a new painting of mine on my blog, feel free to check it out and tell me what you think xx.

AND I HAVE AN ABANDONED HOUSE PHOTO TOO, let me know if you still interested seeing it !
See you around ! :-)

your unorthodox approach as you call it is great! So much work and effort the result is the best.
and the impressive model.

these are gorgeous as usual! :) last minute changes to the shoot sure worked out well!

nice post!

hot model your eyes are so lucky

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