Tutorial on considerations of a model's defining features while retouching!

Hi, Steemians! Friendsgiving tomorrow, assuming @tarotbyfergus and @mada can make it. This month has been a real test of my stress tolerance. "Dark Pinup" work, money, deadlines. All of it. I'm looking forward to a break in the madness. @vermillionfox and I were able to meet @kellyjanderson and his husband Peter for lunch; Minneapolis friends now living in Seattle, visiting the Twin Cities for a few days. Great food, company and tech conversation as automation and AI slowly overtakes our world.

I wanted to leave you all with this retouching tutorial. While I was working with the folks at Working Class Publishing, I was finishing this image of Pennsylvania model, Karli Urban. I did my usual clone/pattern edits under her eyes and it immediately hit me, "...this no longer looks like Karli." Karli has pronounced lids under her eyes and that is unquestionably one of the defining physical traits that makes her, "her".

A good video for current or aspiring photographers to think about. Light on Photoshop skills, but a deep dive on the subtitles of providing clients with images they hired you for. Above you'll see the finished edit shown in the video. You can follow Karli on Instagram @karliurban.

Thanks for reading, following, upvoting and resteeming! I'm setting a ambitious goal to hit 3,000 followers here on Steemit by January 1st. All the love goes a long way. I post daily, so for more tutorials, photography, art, illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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Hi! I'm an amateur photographer, and this is great sharing "how to." I like how the light softened up for the retouch. I can see the details of the brick wall, but never taking away from the model. Nice job!

thanks, i had never thought much about how to fix imperfections/traits in a different way. this is a good reference :)

That is quite correct if your aim is to maintain model character, @kommienezuspadt. But you have at least two other cases:

  1. When model wants to “look better”, and insist on retouching;
  2. When a client does not care about model character, but just want “perfect” look.

You, as an author of the book, has a liberty to show them like they are :)

Thank you very much for this tutorial.

Awesome! New reader here, I definitely am looking forward to see more! Hope you reach your goal, I think you are well on your way 😊 Thanks for posting the retouching photo tutorial I agree, some traits must be left that make the model them! Love the darkpinup theme that you have been shooting 🔥

love the tutorial upped and followed. If you would like to check out my work I would appriciate it!

I love the line "Creating images your clients hired you for". That's what we always strive to do in our work. Every client is unique and has their own personality, but we have our own artistic vision to interpret that with. Great words of wisdom and wicked photo as always man!