The storied tale of a creative friendship w/ Rachel Fox!

Hey, Steemit! It’s a quiet night at @caffetto and I’m happy to report, I’ve made up all the work I missed yesterday during @guthrie’s needy spree. He had a chance to hang out with his brother at this morning’s Pokémon league and we were all pleased he was invited to a sleep over. I had a chance to catch up and he’s knee deep in Minecraft mods, I’m sure.

I’m so set back all the madness that is happening in the crypto-space right now. I made some recent trades and I’m holding IOTA for the first time […partially inspired by an endorsement from @beekart]. EOS is blowing my mind right now, too. For a short period of time, I saw EOS at $4.12, and of course, we’re all happy to see STEEM back on the rise.

Tonight’s photography comes from a series of shoots dating back to 2011. My friend Rachel Fox grew up in my home town of Scranton, PA. Ever since I’ve known Rachel, she wanted to go places with modeling. She first booked with me in hopes of getting in to fitness and men’s magazines like FHM and similar publication.

Looking back on these early photos, I see how far I’ve come as a photographer. Where I was finding my own voice in photography. I was shooting with a 50mm lens on a Nikon D300s. I hadn’t full embraced the low light esthetic that has since become my dark, shadowy stye that is now my signature. 

Rachel and I shot together three or four times from 2011 - 2014, but along the way, we’d submitted our photos to several publications. Then, in 2013, everything started to happen. Rachel was featured in COED magazine. Some of the photos we took together were published. Then, back to back, she was chosen in Maxim magazine’s Hometown Hotties contest featuring a shot that we took in Northeastern, PA the year before.

Rachel became a proud mom in 2015 and she focused on her family. She took a break from modeling to focus on her family. We never lost touch, but with the increasing unbearable schedule for my photography trips, our friendship become more social media based, then time together hanging out.

Then, earlier this year, I heard back from Rachel. She missed shooting and was interested in booking with me during my last trip throughout the east coast and Toronto. I was so happy to have the chance to shoot with my friend again. We were given permission to shoot in “The Strange and Unusual” owned by my friends @joshbalz and @ryanashley, which was a perfect backdrop for new work to be included in “Dark Pinup” with @wcpublishing. Beautiful shots and much more to come.

Thanks for reading. I post daily. For more photography, art, illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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Lovely shoot <3

Karya seni yang sangat bagus..luarbiasa Senang dapat membuat inspirasi baru..lanjutkan karya anda semoga sukse selalu.

Great photography Rachel looks awesome.. thanks for sharing

I like that you kept yourself in that last one. What a location too! The hot tub is my favorite though.

you look very beautiful in the photo and I really like you. and you also tell me very good I am amazed to you. and I always follow you see your latest post

Really neat to go back and compare older work to see how your style has evolved! Love your work!

Seeing so many cute women in your photos I'm beginning to feel strange curiosities ;)

Hahah You must be loving those iota's right now ^^
Im sure its worth an upvote or two ? ;))) Just kidding! Glad they are doing well.. they are also doing great for me :D

Another set of lovely photos,, I'd kill for some lifedrawing sessions with these kind of models o.O

Great glamour/fashion photography!