Style editorial collaboration w/ Ashleeta and The Lingerie Addict - Part 2

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Hey, Steemit! I’m in the middle of travel woes. Not weather this time, but a couch crashing situation. That happens from time to time. @bryan-imhoff and I had a great art-centric Steemit meet up in Scranton, so I’m not going to let it get me down. I will say, it’s nights like this I’m endlessly grateful for the freedom Steemit has given me to recognize a bad situation and have the means to leave it. That always comes down to money, which typically leaves me stranded while traveling. Not this time. I’m in a seedy motel, but it’s just for 12 hours. I’ll live.

Once I get up tomorrow, I’m taking a train in to Harlem to meet with one of my closest friends and the creative mind behind yesterday’s blog post, “Style editorial collaboration w/ Ashleeta and The Lingerie Addict - Part 1”, Cora of The Lingerie Addict. She moved here from LA late in the summer. I missed her last time I was on the east coast, but tomorrow, we’re going to have brunch before I meet for my shoot with Danielle Otrakji.

You may have guessed that tonight, this is part two to my epic fashion editorial shoot with The Lingerie Addict. I’ve shot with Cora a couple times as a model and personal client. We first met in Las Vegas in 2015, the shot again in New York City in the summer of 2016, assisted by our own @vermillionfox. She’s an outstanding model, in addition to being a world class blogger and columnist, but as mentioned in last night’s post, this was Cora’s first venture in to art directing a massive, high production magazine style shoot.

Ashleeta is a phenomenal talent and she was the model Cora chose for this project. Having worked with her before only helped the odds for a remarkable location, wardrobe collection and beauty team. We began shooting elegant slip dresses in the wide open spaces at the bottom of a wrap around stair case. The walls were simple, muted tones that contrasted Ashleeta skin so well. One of my favorite things about shooting in natural/available light is the compliments it lends to women of color. The richness can’t be imitated by artificial light […in my opinion].

We moved to a study […of sorts] with yellow walls. Cora fixed Ashleeta with a pink Catherine D’Lish robe that commanded the entire scene! We all knew it. It doesn’t happen like this on shoots often, but we were all practicing our best professionalism to not freak out and scream “…we’re fucking killing it right now!”. It was a testament to our composure. We carried on, putting the shoot before our emotions.

Our last look was outside near the pool area. Cora readied Ashleeta in a vintage bra and panty set by What Katie Did, sunglasses and a hat. We wrapped shooting and thus closed my annual photography tour throughout Viva Las Vegas and the dates in Los Angeles to follow. Cora and I talked a bit before I left, congratulated one another on an unbelievably successful shoot, and I made the long drive back to Vegas to catch a flight that left the following morning.

Thanks for reading. Take time to visit Cora’s blog, The Lingerie Addict. For more photography, art, illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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that king won't checkmate her queen.

Another beautiful part of this series, now I am waiting for 3rd part :D
a big thumbs up for super hot model and a resteem from my side for photographer...


super hot

I have always wanted a Catherine D’Lish gown! She is truly mesmerizing💕

Nice @kommienezuspadt

Vote posting me too

nice photography
@kommienezuspadt your fashions are amazing
I am fan your designing.

what a beautiful pictures really love such beautiful pictures

living taking pictures and thinking about aesthetics, art and looking at life in another way is a good life.

I love your model. Older times pictures are amazing. Are those the 20´s and 50´s?

Excellent photos, you got that look in your eyes girl!

Wow this is amazing I really Like your work . the images give a feeling that they tell a story.

very cool @kommienezuspadt please upvote me

Good post! Visit our blog and enjoy the content, greetings :D

very gorgeous@kommienezuspadt.You may have guessed that tonight, this is part two to my epic fashion editorial shoot with The Lingerie Addict.

Look like a princes . I really love its an amazing picture and provides a soul satisfaction

She looks like she could gain loyal subjects, she is queen like in this set. I would love to try and make/sew that sheer housecoat someday. Couldn't be too hard to piece together.

Love this vintage style :)
Wonderful work <3

An amazing atmosphere created in each shot. Cora is absolutely stunning as well!

Why is she so beautiful, great photography, do you have her details?

Yeah the photo that stuck out to me the most was the study with the yellow walls - I really loved the almost pastel like color. The pink certainly contrasted and matched it well. Phenomenal shots, as usual.

These photos are stunning, particularly the first one with the chess board really caught my eye... Great composition, great colors and lighting... Solid work, @kommienezuspadt

Thank you for sharing!

Experience interesting friends, you are amazing ..

Great photo shoot. Your bad fortune is art imitating life. You've been dressing up as a pulp character all day, and so the seedy motel and bad weather goes with the gimmick. Next time just leave your costume on and keep the photo shoot going with phone picks. Lol.

Waoo .. that beautiful model and very beautiful photos that you have made friend. Congratulations!

Oh good lord these are awesome!!!

This article is very helpful, voted and followed the author to help writer continuing to post such articles.

Please be kind enough to follow me as well. Gracias!

Good photos, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste, you have my vote :D greetings

It would be my dream to work together. I love these shots! But, I'm such an amateur...