Style editorial collaboration w/ Ashleeta and The Lingerie Addict - Part 1

Good evening, Steemit! One more night in Scranton, PA. It was a good day. I ran errands, visited my longtime friend and Steemit newcomer @donvee, then made my way to Wilkes-Barre, PA. At a nondescript Verizon store, tracked down an elusive pair of AirPods for my mom, @bonni, and gifted them to her before we headed to Adezzo to draw together. Moments like this is where I really feel the impact of Steemit in my life. She was SO happy to receive them, and absolutely loved them. A gift I never would have been to afford for her without months or budgeting and saving.

Tonight’s photography is from one of, if not my very favorite shoot of 2017. Cora, of The Lingerie Addict, someone I’ve worked with several times from private sessions to wardrobe stylist for my annual NOIR event, had talked to me about a high production magazine style editorial shoot. She continued to develop the concept over the months that followed, then confirmed a model; our mutual friend Ashleeta, whom I’ve shot with before previously.

Viva Las Vegas is a brutal time of year for me. I fit in close to 20 shoots during Viva, then make my way to LA for a handful more. This shoot for The Lingerie Addict was the last of almost 30 shoots on the two weeks trip, but I went in to it feeling great! I’d taken care of myself, continuing to run, workout and eat relatively healthy. I felt revitalized at the scale and importance of a shoot that had as much riding on it as this!

When I arrived, hair and make-up were finishing up Ashleeta. Cora gave me a tour of the entire space we had to shoot and it was breathtaking. Room after room of interesting color pallets, unique furniture and lighting that could make me cry. Even ceiling cutouts in the hall with a single entry of overhead sunlight in the middle of a dark aisle. 

When we made our way back upstairs, Cora showed me the looks she wanted to shoot. Cora is the best in the world at what she does. No one has the kind of knowledge of lingerie and intimates like she. As such, she’s developed relationships with the best boutiques and designers across the entire world and the collection of wardrobe at our disposal showed that. Together, we plotted our shooting strategy in regards to time and location, and with Ashleeta shoot ready, we commenced this epic project of editorial fashion photography.

I’ll be writing part two of this blog tomorrow. Be sure to check back. For more photography, art, illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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She is really beautiful and you capture here even more beautifully. a big thumbs up and a resteem from my side.

Waiting for part 2

Very beautiful pictures

amazing model. amazing photos. amazing lingerie!!!!

Can’t wait for part 2! Also, can’t wait for you to be back in the cities!

I wish I could find a woman that loved to wear slips! Slips are a huge turn on and they are 10 times more sexy than just a bra and panty set.

I liked the attitide and the way she potrayed herself

The shots look amazing, and it sounds very well planned out. Great work!

@kommienezuspadt you look like beautiful
Love your photography and fashion
Your dressing is amazing, I love you :) :P

danggg, thats a lot of shoots in 2 weeks! These shots turned out amazing - I can see why they are amongst your favorites. LOL I like your description of how the space could make you cry :P trying to imagine hahahah

Awesome photography dear I like it and follow you hope you will do good in feature thanks

That is some serious old hollywood glamour in the shot taken in the staircase, loves it! Also, I need a Cora in my life!

very good

Great job keep up the good work I enjoy reading your blogs

Nice fantastic photography thanks friend

Your amazing son photographs, and the model is really beautiful.

Her hair, her elegant grace, Josephine Baker meets Jean Harlow! This my dear is one of my fave sessions!!! Swoooon!!!💕

Really a handsome personality. These are amazing photos and looking so beautiful. I am new commer in steemit

Lovely Lady with such an eye for detail.

That third photograph is mind-fuckingly beautiful. Resteemed.

i like, beautiful

Waiting for a part 2 !

What is the woman, really is a strange world no matter how you want to understand it will not understand anything, but she loved the world and the men are aware, the strength of a great secret, her femininity tempts everyone, even the children, let alone a garment makes the soul drunk, you are the secret of life,!!