Seductive dark pinup w/ Samantha during NOIR I LA!

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Good evening, Steemit! Possibly pushing, “early morning”. Sitting down to tackle this blog at 1:00a.m., but it’s been a few days since I’ve been able to make a post and it’s driving me nuts. Steemit has become a big part of my daily routine, and when I miss a day or two, I feel unbalanced. I’m giving up a little sleep, but this is important, this place is important, and it’s worth the effort and slightly earlier alarm clock.

Quickly, I want to mention that the big Trial by Comics winner announcement will be made! Holy shit! What an incredible week for “Super-villains”! I expected this weekly challenge to take off eventually, but it’s happening way, way faster than I anticipated! I scroll through the Trail by Comics hashtag, and it just goes on and on! Not just the participation, but the quality of work is outstanding! I just rolled through and upvoted everyone that entered. I have no idea how I’m going to pick a winner. Check back tomorrow to find out who the winner of “Super-villains” is, and the announcement of next week’s theme.

Tonight’s photography I’d like to share comes from last year’s NOIR I LA event. I’ve gone on and on about NOIR and it’s significance in my career, and it typically happens during the fall. I won’t be holding NOIR I LA this year to afford myself necessary time and attention for the “Dark Pinup” book I’ll be releasing with @wcpublishing. NOIR I Minneapolis is still a possibility, and I’m growing nostalgic for the event that’s taken on a life of it’s over these last five years.

Samantha was our first client for NOIR I LA and she kicked off a two day event with style. She sat for hair by my brilliantly talented friend, Lizette Garza of Silver Screen Vanity, then moved for make-up by Steemit’s own @carazozula. Afterwards, she was escorted to my close friend, Cora of The Lingerie Addict and fitted in Kiss Me Deadly lingerie. By the time I was introduced to Samantha, she had entirely embraced her confidence. She knew how outstanding she looked and commanded the camera as we began shooting around the mansion.

We shot two looks and made use of the space, moving from outside in a goth, sheer black dress, to inside the master bedroom. Over the years, my signature style has become dark, available or diegetic light, as the coined phrase “dark pinup” implies, I was able to make some powerful pulp-esk photos across the bed using just a lamp to illuminate her seductive face.

This shoot gave me the energy and creative inspiration to push through the next 9 shoots over two days. Beyond her beauty, she was the kindest, most appreciative person you can imagine, which always makes working with a new client, such a pleasure

I post often, so for more photography, art, illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt

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Cantik dan Menarik . . .

Wow. . I like your post

Wow imponente mujer

Great photos, and a beautiful model! Amazing :)


Thank you @leanvix!

Beautiful face, nice legs and ass. Excellent make up and clothes but an outstanding pair of boobs. By the way, terrific tatoos and an amazing captures of emotions inn this pics. Continue doing this my friend. Have a nice week. Greetings from Argentina. If you want free courses you can see my posts.

Your photos are very good and seductive. ;)


Thank you @yanes94, and thank you for entering the Trial by Comics contest. Hope you'll consider the MTG theme this week.

So stunning. I love the gothic vibe.

I am getting SOOO excited to see this Dark Pinup book!!!


Thank you @offbeatbroad! Oh! I am, too! @wcpublishing and I have a few days lined up to finish it in November! I'll be posting updates. I'll be selling a few copies here on Steemit for SBD's.

Very good eyes to bring out the beauty of a woman. Refined lingerie accentuates the beauty of this lady even more and makes her to emerge a powerful energy. Great tribute to her ''voluptuous'' beauty! ;-)


Thank you @aci7. That's a major compliment, especially as a male photographer. Capturing strength and confidence in a tasteful way is something I strive for in all my shoots.

Last photo is just stunning. Stared at it for a good while. Seductive beauty and beautiful lighting! ^^


Thank you @m31! If any of my photos can stop someone and cause them to stare, I've more than done my job! :P

OMG 😍😍😍😍😍😍


Yeah, she's a babe @zakir43!

wow these are beautiful shots! Love the lighting! :-)


Thank you very much @yogjoshi!

The lingerie is amazing!
The models fierceness shines through!


YES @artedellavita! All Kiss Me Deadly. They were a great sponsor last year. Samantha was outstanding.

Your models have such an interesting look, I love that you showcase people who don't just have a cookie cutter style to them. The photos are so moody and tell such a story :)

interesting how to encourage an amateur to be a new model... And her gesture showed that she has learned much from your tutorial.