Punk love!

Hey, Steemit! It’s Thursday night but it feels like a Friday. I had a shoot this afternoon about 40 minutes outside of Minneapolis. The day was wrought with errands, picking @guthrie up at school, then dropping him off at his brothers’ for a play date. With some new Magic: The Gathering cards in hand, I met @tarotbyfergus and a few friends at @caffetto. Sadly, this was not my night. I build what should be a very effective Nicol Bolas BRAWL deck, and didn’t win a single game. @vermillionfox is here with me now. We’re both plugging away at our art, enjoying a night to ourselves.

I have some new photography and this goes way back to a shoot one year ago in Los Angeles. In 2015, I shot several look books for a well known vintage inspired clothing brand. On one of those shoots, I met a brilliant make-up artist named Alyssa Marie. Sometimes in this business, you just meet people and click immediately. Alyssa and I were like that. We were introduced by our mutual friend, @michelinepitt ,the art director for the shoot that day. Alyssa kept telling me how much I’d get along with her husband as an old pink, skateboarder and DIY zine publishing enthusiast.

I did have a chance to meet her husband a year or so later. He and Alyssa met me for a shoot […of them] at our friend Rick’s Surf Club Art Gallery in Hollywood. We made some interesting photos, but the lighting was tough to work with. One of the few times I felt that I didn’t have an answer for an unfavorable situation. I talked with Alyssa about a make-up shoot down the road. Last year, I found the time and had an incredible location. The estate in Flintridge, CA that I’ve gushed about in many previous Steemit posts.

We set a date. She and her husband met us there. My friend Lizette Garza styled her hair in vintage waves. The couple brought an assortment of interesting outfits. One thing I loved about her husband is that he came wearing a t-shirt and jeans. He is just a straight up punk dude, and Alyssa loves and embraces that that is him. We moved around the mansion capturing photos that ranged from loving and sentimental to odd and a bit fetishy. An entire range that captured the beautiful, complex love my friends have for each other.

We wrapped in about an hour, just before I checked out and made my way to Las Vegas for the next block of shoots to survive. This was fun. I love working with my friends. I’m really happy with how these images turned out. They’re celebrating their anniversary tomorrow, so these are a timely gift for the lovers. Thanks for reading! For more photography, art, illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!


That dude has a pretty bad @$$ look to him, and a killer stache. Not the type of people I picture in such a lovely library parlour

Hi Lars, it's the guy from ONO🤗 Great story and amazing pictures👌

Though all photos are good but the first one looks Royal and last one is full on lovely.

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This is so wonderful; ❤ I especially love the words, So well done👏

I don't like nights that feels like FRIDAYS !

I like your photos light, too. ;)

they are real?lady loooking very unreal:)

You see! They took revenge and you did not win anything, the next game will be better. 😉😊
If it's a nice love, I like her hair, Lizzete did a great job.😊
the last picture is my favorite, how they look at each other, it shows so much love
You are a great photographer @kommienezuspadt and you give the client what he wants, you get incredible moments! 😍

Those are great couple shots! I hate the traditional cheesy ones, these are so much up my alley💜

You shoot some pretty amazing portraits, nice work! Also I'm asking out of concern if you know what has happened to customnature? He abruptly stopped posting about six weeks ago. I hope he is all right.

Thank you @irvinesimages! @customnature is doing alright. He’s fabricating a massive zoo attraction exhibit this is suppose to open September 1st. He’s been working 12 - 14 hour days 8 days a week. He’s just had to take an extended Steemit break, but he’ll be back.

Thanks a bunch for letting me know!

Wildly cool photos. I'm always so impressed how a real pro like yourself can take such quality photos in what looks lime not much lighting. Love the effect it offers, like low lighting romantic setting, yet the photos are just so alive. Amazing. You certainly have some great talent my friend.

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