Photography of a Vancouver girl's first time in New York City; years in the making!

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Hey, Steemit! Second post in one day. I’m hoping 2018 has a lot more days ahead where I can fit in more than one blog post. I have a chance make a second lap because I’m avoiding the Cyclone Bomb in New York City. I’m at my parents’ place in Scranton, PA. Fast internet, good food and warm flannel blankets. I’ll take that over being stuck in JFK for two days.

I have some more photography to share. New work, as I’m grinding away to have the final edits ready a long weekend with @wcpublishing on “Dark Pinup” as soon I’m back in Minnesota. 

These photos are of my beautiful friend, Sydney. We met through Instagram […the conventional way]. She’s a passionate vintage enthusiast and beautiful pinup model. We began following one another almost three years ago and alway talked about meeting in New York City and shooting together.

Sydney lives in Vancouver, BC. We’d made loose plans to meet over the years we’d talked. Unfortunately, they’d always seemed to fall through for one reason or another. When “Dark Pinup” was announced, I knew Sydney had to be included within the pages for it to be perfect […for me at least]. We looked at our schedules to see if it was possible. 

There was a small window in October. She had a work trip to Las Vegas for a designer team building weekend and asked for a few extra days for a trip to New York City. It would coincide with my trip throughout the east coast and Toronto. A narrow possibility, but my fingers were crossed.

Close to the zero hour, she messaged me, pleated! She’d gotten the time off and with that, we both booked our flights! We met at JFK and went straight to meet the make-up artist. Our first photos were taken after nightfall, right in the heart of Times Square. I love bringing friends to the top of the subway at 42nd St. and seeing that overwhelming site for the first time. We shot there, taking our time, then headed back to her hotel.

We turned down the lights, hoping to achieve the signature dark pinup look I’ve become know for. We worked around the room, moving lamps and shooting through lace fabric. It was the culmination of years or anticipation, imagining what kind of photos I’d want to make if I had the chance to photograph her. We finished the shoot with some provocative photos in the bath tub, then ended our night.

Thanks for reading. For more photography, art, illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt?

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send my regards to the beautiful Sydney ; )

Simply beauty @kommienezuspadt

What a beauty!

Nailin' shots one dream at a time. I've got a ton of people I'd want to shoot with if possible, but the difficulty is always in coordinating busy schedules.

She is adorable! Love her hair! That tub pic is so a la francaise!

you know what it did to me it come and touch my feeling and walk back

I like the feeling of your pics !

In french the "atmosphère"


There's a certain charm in these photos


you mean boobies? lol

Nice. I hope to move to Vancouver one day because the women there are all hot like her

I really like the atmosphere that transmits light and shadows. Great photographic work, my respect.

Nice post. The girl is welcome to New York, but she should understand that what goes on well in Vancouver may not go well in New York, so she should mind here dressing. Good pics. Though. I follow and upvote you.

Wow.... Beautiful photos and beautiful grl!!!!

sorry for this comment that you must often hear from minnow: I love these pictures ...

There is really a search for obvious aesthetics and a little wink at Philip-Lorca diCorcia... Am I wrong?


The photos are really beautiful.
I've imagined what kind of photos I'd make if I were to work with a professional.

Sydney is a wonderful model and the photos are great. I really enjoy your style :)

holy cow...she's beautiful..

Cool piece of writting
Luv ur art.


nice and cute. will follow to see more from you

She's so sexy! I think I'm in love haha ^^

very nice. like out of a movie

Awesome photography I foolow you dear keep it up hope you also do same for me

Beautiful photography! Please feel free to submit any of the photos with Sydney for my contest here, I'm sure you would win one of the prizes. Cheers! : )

Wow man, love your posts, each day you have such nice models that I always think.. this one is the best... When I then look back I can't choose anymore.. Don't forget I am happy to carry all the equipment one day ;-)

reminds me of the movie pulp fiction, great photography!

She’s really beautiful and your photos are bohemian. Nice job

Lovelovelove these photos, would love to work with someone as talented! Sheesh

Love the vintage colors :)

I like it she seems a pulp fiction character!

"We met through Instagram […the conventional way]." 😆😆😆
Hadn't seen the first image...Love it!!!

This must be the first time I see you photographing a model that doesn't have any tatoos :-)) Beautiful shots, as always, Lars!

Beautiful photographs. You have chosen an excellent angle for this photo shoot. I love. Greetings friend!

beautiful pics


I love the tittle of this article :) amazing photos!

Great photography I like the mood in all of them, Thanks for posting.

Oh my god, she is stunning. Great capture as usual!

great pics :-)

I need to check in on you more often or maybe clean up my 'following' list so maybe i'll see this stuff sooner!! Great work man..