Nikon D750 vs. iPhone 8 Plus w/ @vermillionfox!

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Good evening, Steemit, and by “evening” I mean 1:00a.m. here in Minneapolis. The cliff notes version of my day was that my Avacyn Commander deck went undefeated against both @tarotbyfergus and @vermillionfox today! That’s your unsolicited Magic: The Gathering update. Here’s the rest.

I recently upgraded from an iPhone 6, water damaged and replaced three times […at $299 per replacement, per incident], to an iPhone 8 Plus. I wasn’t in to the larger size, but battery was important, IP67 water resistant rating was even more important […see above note on previous replacements] and that motherfucking dual lens portrait mode camera!

Once I got the phone, I immediately began messing with the portrait mode feature. Snapped some shots or @guthrie, cats, dogs, mushrooms. The depth of field was so accurate and convincing, many of the images looked like they were taken with my Nikon DSLR. I was blown away by the images and the thought slowly began creeping in to my head “…could this be used for an actual, professional shoot?”. 

There was only one way to find out, so @vermillionfox and I set out this rainy Minnesota afternoon and sought out an old abandoned park I knew of outside of the city. She did her hair and make-up and brought along a vintage slip we bought In Pennsylvania. Part of the the park’s stone structure has filled with water which created a whimsical “Pan’s Labyrinth-esk” shallow pool, and to @vermillionfox’s credit she laid down in the cold water for the sake of art!

I brought along my Nikon D750 and attempted the exact same shots I was taking with the iPhone 8 Plus portrait mode. My hope was to get them home and edit them as close to the same as possible then show them against one another for comparison. Fortunately, I did manage to do just that, and here are the results.

iPhone 8 Plus

Nikon D750

My initial thoughts are that the iPhone 8 Plus is sharper, but results in flatter images. It also utilizes HDR and a host of computational photography protocols that justifies putting in a mobile processor that’s comparable to a MacBook Pro. My typical DSLR photography doesn’t take advance of HDR [ need for that hipster Instagram shit], and that non-embellished look is a signature to my darker esthethic. That in mind, I don’t feel like the iPhone 8 Plus photo “looks” like my work, but it does look pretty fucking good!

The other thing to note is that the D750 is twice the megapixel sensor as the iPhone, so there is some edge artifacts that show up when zoomed all the way in. Most of my work is seen on the internet, so it’s not a deal breaker for me, and I do think these photos would hold up well if they went to print […maybe not in a coffee table book, but definitely magazines or newspapers].

This was an early dive in to the potential. I’m an early adopter of most technologies and I love to stress test hardware. I did realize after the shoot that the stock photo app doesn’t take advantage of RAW images. The phone requires an app to unlock that format. I’ll be shooting again with the phone on another professional session and I’ll make sure to be capturing RAW images. That should make a vast difference in output. I also plan of doing a deep dive on the iPhone 8 Plus here on Steemit, shortly.

Thanks for reading. For more photography, tech, art, and thoughts on all of the above, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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Good pics mate. Im still no Fan of Apple. But the camera looks very good.

Thanks for making me drool over both. I got a Nikon D90 and still prefer it over all the Android phones I've used so far.

Wow...I think the iphone actually picked up more detail, especial in the model's arm hairs. That's crazy, I'm still working off of a 6 personally.

Have you worked with this model before? I haven't seen her in your posts and she is hauntingly beautiful. Some kind of water spirit that lures men to their watery graves deep in untouched woods.

Take a dynamic sports photo with an Iphone ;) Or in the difficult light.
You are a photographer so you knwon - if the light is perfect so you can take a perfect pic whatever you hold in hand. The Dslr power is to adaptive to all contidion and take a great photo.

I can not believe. Thank you for the useful post. Continue in the same direction.

🍎 still the best. Love it

Interesting comparison. It's amazing to see the attention phone manufacturers are currently placing on their cameras. Not a fan of Apple, but I use different phones for photography once in a while.

Your profesional..
Good job, thanks for sharing..
Nice to meet you..

I wanna to be photography 😃

So cute!

That cat has some fucking crazy eyes!

you are so sexy

That is one hot model! @kommienezuspadt 😊.

I was going to buy a Canon DSLR today. I grew a bit more skeptical..


Don't be.

The main difference for me is the amount of light on the skin. Iphone has less light reflected back from skin and for some reason the hair on models arm really pop out. But in overall, pretty damn good for a smartphone.

Holy COW! Stunning images you made some magic! Its soo amazing how far cameras of come! I look forward to seeing more of your work!

fantastic photos of a fantastic girl !

Most modern dslrs' have a decent sensor; really for portraits and such it's more about what glass you're using.

What lens do you have on your D750?
I'm sure with the right lens, you could get a shot just as good as the iphone

Having said that, damn those Iphone cameras are getting good..

I try to repair pic from Dslr (change focus from shoulder to eyes) and edit some colours to upgrade overal view and set it more simillar to a Iphone's one. Iphone still better?

Wow iphone 8 camera is pretty powerful. Great post!

Mobile phone cameras have evolved at a rapid pace, Samsung has been leading the way in terms of pixel resolution and depth of field ability, but Apple is right there in the mix now.

With a range of apps to help maximize the control of the lens, raw data and 16MP capabilities, people who know how to control device can achieve some really high quality photographs.

If you are not shooting high-speed or large format projects, our phones are a great option for "in the moment" shots now-a-days. It's amazing the power we now hold in out pockets.

You had amazing model. Great photos!

The Nikon can blur while the iphone is crisp sharp image. Iphone give nikon a run for its money. Thanks for sharing, @kommienezuspadt

@vermillionfox is so beautiful! Though Iphone did a good job I still prefer Nikon D750 :) Interesting to see comparison.

The results of the photos were great and the beauty and expressiveness of the model is undeniable, congratulations to the two perfect complement.

OMGooooooooood I need that Iphone in my life!!! and the mushrooms too :)

le sigh...... just lovely.....

Nice art and interesting story..💙

Beautiful!! :)

I see many different image results owned by Iphone 8 Plus vs. Nikon D750. Visible water is so clear and luminous on images obtained from the Nikon D750. While Iphone 8 Plus looks very faded water.

Beautiful collection of photos! I especially enjoyed the mushrooms!

Nice picture . I like more for the nikon