Irish pinup Lucy Fur; Viva Las Vegas!

Hey, Steemit. Long-ass-day. I’m home now, enjoying some family time after a tumultuous evening. @guthrie is eating up all the Mimi time he can get while @bonni Is in town. They all went to Mall Of America and I make a quick @caffetto run to play a couple of Magic: The Gathering games with @tarotbyfergus. From there, a drive to speak on behalf of an environmental non-profit before Minneapolis Pollution Control Agency board members. Very frustrating, and very stressful. 

As part of my usual evening wind down, nothing calms the nerves like digging through old photography and recounting the stories from some of my favorite shoots of the last five years. Far beyond the money and rewards that make Steemit such a big part of my life, it’s having a platform to share both the work, and the experiences that go in to creating these photos and illustrations. The last five years of my life have been so busy, I struggle to remember much of it. These blog posts help me to do just that.

These photos are of a beautiful Irish model living in London named Lucy Fur. She contacted me shortly after the New Year in 2015, inquiring about booking a shoot during Viva Las Vegas. Like many models from Europe, The UK, Australia and beyond, Lucy makes the annual trip to Las Vegas to take part in this global celebration of pinup and vintage culture. I’d recently had a cancelation, and had one session still available. Lucy took it, and we were on for April of that year!

Lucy was an absolutely doll to work with, arriving to our location, a midcentury modern home in Paradise Palms, on time and shoot ready. She had a three looks, which we timed appropriately for the whole session. My friend Ralph’s Speakeasy, the shoot location for that afternoon, is breathtaking. Gold accents, natural wood and eclectic decorations.

I moved Lucy from room to room, finding hidden spots that I’m sure most photographers would have missed. I have an acute sense for unique shots because I shoot with only available light. The light itself dictates where the photos will be made, often leading me to set the model up in unconventional areas and poses. She was a dream. She took wonderful direction and was a total professional.

More of Lucy Fur, including a few jaw dropping NSFW photos coming in “Dark Pinup’s” Proclivities chapter, releasing soon with @wcpublishing. I’m also shooting with Lucy again this spring at Viva Las Vegas. 

Thanks for reading. For more photography, art, illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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Good to know. You look so pretty beautiful and sexy babe. Keep it upn You will boom soon. Have fun!! @kommienezuspadt

First time I discovered your profile I was amazed how you put the accents in your shots. Now every time you upload a photo I am getting more amazed. Brilliant looks and brilliant touch.

Dear friend,
I am happy to know about Lucy doll.
Brightness comes after darkness like a sun in fog
Check my new blog I think it is useful for you...

Cool photography..

she is damn hot, seems like hottest model in the world to me
I wish i could meet her face to face
Thanks for the post buddy

Ah man thats just pure class, and I'm not just saying that because she's Irish ;) You've a seriously good eye for colour!!

Awesome photo shoot! Really well made :)

beautiful photography..follow back..thanks

Phenomenal shots there @kommienezuspadt!
Lucy Fur (the stunning model) met her match (the photography god).

However I like the first shot in particular, I'm still trying to figure out why.
Keep it up Sire.

I love her! xx

That first shot is a cracker. The colour, tones, and light; all top notch.

Truly beautiful! And I am very excited for your book! You can bet I will be purchasing one! <3
Have an awesome weekend with your family friend <3

Sort of a Bettie Page vibe. Very cool.

Pin up beauty! I really appreciate what you said about the light dictating where you shoot. That's one of my biggest challenges to explain to clients but I love natural light and as you've makes the most beautiful images. Crazy amazing work!

Sexy and beautiful girl, i love your photography <3