Hollywood Hills w/ Shanda Golden and thoughts on "Dark Pinup"!

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Good evening, Steemian brethren. I’m delaying the Trial by Comics winners and new theme announcement by one day. The work on “Dark Pinup” has been paramount for my weekend and I’d like to make a well thought out, comprehensive post about the comics contest, rather than rush something out in to the world […especially with the pride I take in how far Trail by Comics has come and the community that’s been built around it]. So, for tomorrow, look forward to the winners of “Star Wars” and the next theme.

The work on “Dark Pinup” with @wcpublishing has been a rollercoaster. I’m feeling mentally, emotionally and creatively drained. Fortunately, we’re in the very home stretch. There have been many set backs that’ve taken a toll on me in a variety of ways I didn’t anticipate mattering as much as the did. Late last night, one of the model’s […and a close friend] had to decline to be included in the book for personal reasons. It really hit me hard.

We managed to find replacements for 8 photos that had to be taken out of the book […which at this point is very late in production]. Contrary to the bad news, @wcpublishing and I did put out nearly a hundred model releases for the other 89 models to be included in the book and the response has been overwhelmingly positive and flattering. One of those models I’d like to share here tonight.

Shanda Golden got back to us and couldn’t be more enthusiastic about being a part of “Dark Pinup”. It was encouraging to see someone so excited about being included in the pages of this project. It is, without exaggerating, a photo story of the last five years of my career. All the miles travelled, floors slept on and budget airfare to make create the photos, and this is the book to collect them.

Honestly, Shanda and I didn’t have a long history. She contacted me about booking a shoot shortly before one of my trips to LA, we picked a date and she booked an AirBnB at the top of the Hollywood Hills. Shanda is a quintessential Hollywood starlet and I was happy to meet her and capture her beauty. The shoot was short and professional, but we stayed in touch. We did the Facebook thing and she’s continued to be a supportive friend ever since.

Thanks for reading. I post daily. For more photography, art, illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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Stunning clicks and best of luck for your project @kommienezuspadt. a thumbs up and a resteem from my side to support your work. cheers...

Great photos! I hope you manage to finish even though one model is missing! :)

Sorry to hear about the setbacks with the book but I've no doubt it'll all be worth it. Absolutely stunning images as usual.


Thanks very much @davekavanagh. Yeah, it was tough to get over but after I had time to sort my thoughts on it, it does seem to be a good thing. Having people that want to be in the book is the most important thing for me and @wcpublishing.


I can well believe it. They say nothing worthwhile is ever easy, but man looking your work on here I've no doubt it's going to be a stunning collection when it's finished. Just make sure the distributor ships to Ireland ;)

Wow!!!!.. amazing your photography, i like this post.
and so.. nice your art, i wait your next post....
all the best my dear.....

I really like your posts and I enjoy very much with all your posts.👍

absolutely brilliant.

wow amazing picture . i like it so much. i think you are great and pro photographer. i believe u have many great posting about photography with best shot and correct angle, waiting for latest post. Let's waking to my blog I have some beutiful photos on my wall.


very nice model and stunning images :)
for you to share them

beautiful again mate! :D

she looks pretty in Dark.

Excellent! Really has a vintage feel.

The true art is when… you can — with your team made of hairdresser, make-up artist, scenographer, and your photography skills — make any girl beautiful! Bravo, @kommienezuspadt!

encantadora fotografía, felicidades, un trabajo muy impecable.saludos.

Wow, can't believe I ran across you here by chance Lars. Probably don't remember me. I used to live in Minneapolis and am a photographer. We met up once for coffee and Chipotle. Crazy small world. Found you through a tag by someone I follow. Hope all's well!

Quality is definitely more important than rushing it, so take all the time you need!
So on the first picture, there is no light setup? That is all just natural lighting? I'm looking at the reflection of light in her eyes and I love the contrast the light creates in them, but I swear it looks like there is a light setup there. I'm just curious because I know you like natural light the best, and I have to say that shot is amazing for all natural light!

just wanted to reach out and let you know how much i dig your work and your take on pin up photography. To honest i usually cringe a little bit when i hear people talking about shooting pin up. The first thing that pops in my mind is over posed, poorly light renditions of someone attempting to create some as if it was strait from the 1940's with the end result being something cheesy.

What you create is something so much more. its dark, moody and real. Your use of natural light is fantastic. I especially like the images you create in artificial light they always have so much mood and depth to them.

So glad it all worked out... I totally can see how this all affected you! I know your project will turn out awesome just see!
Miss Golden is truly gorgeous! And those nightgowns!!!! Swoon🎀

Very nice work, I especially like the atmosphere and colours in the second picture!

Love these shots.

Attractive beauty 😍