Georgie Glamour from Viva Las Vegas!

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Good morning, Steemit! As promised, I’m attempting to change my day to day schedule. I went to sleep around 2:30a.m. and was up at 7:50a.m. to get @guthrie ready for school. After dropping him off and coming back to get my bag, it was SO tempting to lay back down. I had to cut the naps off at some point, though. That’s a big reason I’m staying up till 3:00a.m. wide awake. Today is going to be painful to get through, but let’s hope it’s the first step to getting back on a real schedule.

I’m going to share a few photos from a shoot I had during Viva Las Vegas with European pinup, Georgie Glamour. I’ve been really stressed lately. I’ve mentioned how far behind I am […in almost every Steemit post]. The pressure is really mounting as I’m being inundated with texts about when edits will be sent back […one or two really nasty texts, unfortunately]. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, I guess, but I refuse to put off the darlings that’ve remained patient and understanding the longest. Georgie is one of those clients.

I worked on edits till about 11:00p.m., and spent the rest of the night till about 2:00a.m. getting a few photos of Georgie done. Georgie booked her session last fall. I was previously aware of her modeling prior to her getting in touch on social media. It was one of the shoots I was looking forward to the most. She has a classic look akin to Old Hollywood starlets with features similar to Marlene Dietrich. Blonde hair, crystal blue bedroom eyes and incredible cheek bones […which is endless fodder for my style of dark pinup].

She met me at The Artisan hotel in Las Vegas. There, she laid out her wardrobe options. Two looks. One was the most creative take on a ringmaster concept, with a steam punk top hat, small vest coat with tails, and a bullwhip. It was perfect for The Artisan which such eclectic decor and art. Downstairs in the lobby, we were even able to find a gold lion to set her next to! How perfect is that? Her remarkable features, warm tones and low light created a seductive esthetic that I love.

There are more photos of Georgie Glamour to come. This was an outstanding shoot and I’m slowly getting in to the bulk of my Viva Las Vegas shoots. Thanks for reading. For more photography, art, illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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Beautiful photos!
Stay strong, it gets better :D

It's a great picture. I liked the post very much


Thank you very much @akikur100!

classic look akin to Old Hollywood starlets with features similar to Marlene Dietrich

Yes, she looks very much like a mix of Marlene Dietrich and Blondie. I wonder if she can sing :)


Oh! I like the Blondie reference, @lighteye! I never thought of that! I'll have to ask her.

Someone is making up for lost time!!!


HA! it's true, @eveuncovered. It was killing em to be on the road the last month. I posted as often as I could but was only able to check in here and there. Just watching you run circles around me and go up to a (89) reputation :P

I hope you take a better schedule, so you can rest better and do your necessary activities with the editions and dobujos.
The time passes by plane and we do not even notice it. 😮
You'll see soon you'll finish the editions @kommienezuspadt📸
She has a lot of your style, great pictures extremely beautiful the model 😍

What an amazing art and I love, love all of your photo shoots.
So much detail and perfection.
Love it.


I appreciate that @joalvarez! Thank you!

awesome. oh my friend. I get this light. this dim and provocative light prevails in all photography. You are a true master in this business. I like the style and composition of the model. I missed your share!
Take care of yourself.

It's so true about the squeaky wheel getting the oil. Sometimes I feel like our zeitgeist and social media voice is becoming orchestrated by 'squeaky voices' but it's so good to take a breath and celebrate the quiet stoic, well mannered and patient. Virtues usually not hashtaged or glorified too often.

Oh this model is dreamy for sure. That hair style and colour and her general look is so old Hollywood. She has a feeling of antiquity that I always find comforting.

Good luck getting your sleep schedule in order, you will be better for it in the long run :)

Yeah, you're right. She has the great look of Marlene Dietrich, beautiful!

Great balance of the lights❤
She is wonderfully cute. pretty model and a very lovely capture 📷

Very good mate 😅😅😅

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