Fourth of July!

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Hey, Steemit! Good evening. well, for you at least […I hope]. Last night before I went to bed, I plugged my phone in. By the time I woke up around 5:30a.m., it was staring back at me, non-responsive. It wasn’t receiving touch input or able to unlock. I went through the usual troubleshooting and had no luck. I’d just had the screen replaced on this less than a month ago. Once @vermillionfox and I were up, I stopped at the Apple Store with an angry enough face that fit me in for a same day appointment. They determined it was a logic board issue and gave me a new iPhone X […which I know is really a refurbished iPhone X, which doesn’t make me happy]. The rest of my night has been resetting login information and trying to find 2FA codes.

I’m going to try and avoid more venting because yesterday was much better. We didn’t barbecue or anything. Me, @vermillionfox and @guthrie had a nice lunch at a place in uptown called Quangs. Naturally, every restaurant in the metro owned by white people was closed. I really like Quangs but it’s usually too busy to get a table. The holiday was a perfect opportunity to eat together. I’ve been craving egg rolls wrapped in lettuce […something I get every time I visit Pho Kim Long’s in Vegas]. We ate together, then made our way to @caffetto for a few games of Magic: The Gathering with @tarotbyfergus. I’m developing this new “pillow fort” deck that is about to get a full feature Steemit post.

Afterwards, we visited @guthrie’s brothers’ family. They live nearby, so we made our way there close to sunset. When we arrived, their backyard was filled with people and dogs. The kids were keeping themselves occupied while @guthrie’s brothers’ dad and I started breaking apart boxes of fireworks. In previous years, we’ve had Wisconsin fireworks […the good kind]. This year, the holiday snuck up on us and it was Target brand fireworks. Not as impressive or dangerous, but the party goers didn’t seem to mind. I let @guthrie and his brother use my camera to take photos of the fireworks. They both created some really incredible, almost abstract images that reminded me of a galaxy.

@guthrie was invited to stay over, so @vermillionfox and I made a late night run to Target to pick up sparklers. You may remember the sexy, patriotic photo we posted for Independence Day last year. We decided it needed to be a tradition. We made our way to a scenic overlook, cut though a field and tried our best to recreate last year’s photo before being eaten alive by mosquitos. We left in a hurry [itchy], and made one last stop in front of the Lowry Bridge by our home. Around the Fourth, the light it up with red, white and blue. We came home, got a shower, heated up our leftovers and ended our night.

Thanks for reading. For more photography, art, illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt. Trial by Comics announcement coming tomorrow for sure. I just had to finish the artwork for the next theme. Also, I’m coming up on 5,000 followers! What a crazy milestone! Thank you, everyone!

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sounds like an awesome 4th! I opted for the more mellow route haha spent it at home, grilled a few hot dogs, watched "Freaks & Geeks" and called it a day. My dogs hate fireworks so I spent most of that night with Star Wars playing in the bg trying to mask the explosions with... well, more explosions. glad you guys had fun!
also -- can't wait to see what the next trial by comics brings up!


How beautiful that you enjoy special moments like that with your family.

But wow, your girlfriend is very pretty in that picture, she looks very sensual and the photo of the firework is very, very beautiful ... it really looks like a galaxy. 😘👌

Fantastic pics!!! You guys play Magic often? Any other games? I’ve never played before as I just don’t have the time (I own a comic shop) but Was always interested in it. We carry it at the shop and have some diehards my employee James plays all the time. Maybe one day I’ll sit down and kern the basics.


It’s the best game ever @blewitt. It’s like chess with a changing board, changing pieces, changing players and changing rules. We play almost daily. I’ve had my son full time for years and once he started kindergarten I decided to start playing just to have some recreation in my life. You should start. It’s so much fun.


I have played magic when I was in school and I remember it was a very cool strategic game...I should search my card and maybe play a round with my brother 🤙


Sounds awesome. I’m sure I’ll give it a go at some point. I know a few of my friends would be thrilled. Lol. We run tournaments for Heroclix at our shop but even that has dwindled over the years. Magic is definitely the most popular one in our neck of the woods in NJ.

Wow the pictures they took are amazing! It was a very colorful fireworks party which is great, I think these should be the photos that @vermillionfox speak in a recent post, they look great, I'm glad you have spent a pleasant time sharing with family

Well, I'm glad you didn't let your phone blues ruin your holiday. I'm not that big on the 4th , but we usually have people over for a few days. We're lucky in that we can see other town's fireworks without having to leave our own yard, so I enjoy them that way without having to seek them out and the crowds!

It sounds like your cafe hangout is amazing. Whenever I see @vermillionfox post about her time there, I'm envious. It seems a great hang out.

Congratulations on 5000! I love this platform and it's wonderful how much it is growing. Happy day and good luck with your phone.

Umerica - Fuck ya! Commin to save the motherfucken day now!

DAAMMMMNN I dig betty boop.

Congrats on the milestone and happy 4th of july (belated)

wow, really nice photos ! the lighting and colours just pop off the screen * ___* very lovely !

worth the mosquito bites, for sure :D haha~

and wowowowow coming up to 5000 already???!!! AMAZING :D

here's hoping steemit will continue to grow and so ...even more followers for you in the future and more success to you also, lars !!! <3 <3

Ohhhhh Nice!!!

I love rolls wrapped in lettuce too!!!!
Those are quite the sexy sparkler pics ☺️
They don’t sell fireworks here but sometimes our friends send sparklers tonys via mail ☺️

Great to see the youth writing more stories on steemit. The fireworks look awesome.

Impressive images. My capture is nothing compared to this. Hope I will be able to master this art in the future.

You play Magic the gathering ? huh. I'm a bit more of a Yugioh fan. But I have been to a few local Magic tournaments