Finally, a return to the photography posts!

Steemit! I’m actually writing you under circumstances that aren’t wrought with stress, aggravation and travel. I’m back in Pennsylvania for the next two days. The week in New York City has come and gone. The shoots are behind me and I have some time to relax and recover from the travels @vermillionfox and I went through this past week. Tomorrow, we even have massages booked in hopes of putting the pieces back together.

I’m happy to share new photography tonight! I promised I would. I found time to edit new photos from the upcoming La Femme En Noir look book/collection catalog that’ll be coming later this summer. @michelinepitt is one of my closest friends and since leaving her previous company, she’s been designing and producing vintage women fashion across two brands. Vixen by Micheline Pitt and La Femme En Noir.

Vixen is along the lines of the modern pin up esthetic, similar to her previous designs. Brighter colors, vintage inspired cuts, prints and patterns. La Femme En Noir is the darker, gothic line that features dresses in black or ox blood. The clientele for La Femme En Noir is very much my tribe of pin ups. I shoot a darker, shadow focuses style and my esthetic as a photographer fits this brand perfectly. 

This was an all day shoot at @michelinepitt’s home. Rachel Sedory, a model I’ve shot with in the past, also joined us to help shoot the massive La Femme En Noir collection. @michelinepitt has always trusted my unconventional approach to making pictures and after brief conversation of what she wanted from the images, she allowed me free reign to shoot whatever I wanted to capture […as long as it met the agreed upon requirements].

We utilized every square inch of the house, shooting both inside and out. For a total of something like 18 dresses, we wanted to create small, unique backdrops for each design. It was a challenge but @michelinepitt is an incredible art direction in addition to her many other talents. Our creativity worked in tandem and we made some really cool sets throughout the day.

More from this shoot to come. This was one of my favorite shoots of my LA/VLV trip during the Spring. Take a look at for more on the brand. Thanks for reading, voting and resteeming. For more photography, art. illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!


Yes babyyy, this is what I have been missing in my mornings! 😍

Hey @kommienezuspadt all these 3 photos are just fabulous. 1st one is mixed nature so you look stunning in this. 2nd photo is more about posing and you look like a super model. In the 3rd one you look so hot and seems you are looking for something or someone out of the window.
Overall you are fab. Keep sharing such photos.

@kommienezuspadt Beautiful work! Well worth the wait 💙

Great pictures, I love the second one🤗

photography is like food

@dwight50 right. the more you see and the more you want to have. isn't?

Stunning .. brilliant, super, great.
Travel is a lively col.lege, suitable for you
Well performed on the images .. for extra creativity.

Wow the second photo is incredible and elegeant! All of her features look so gentle, but those nails look sharp :)
Also what do you mean you're unconventional @kommienezuspadt? (I'm sorta new to your blog) ^^

Loving the new shots dude. She's absolutely stunning too.

I'm glad you're back @kommienezuspadt, after your trip it's very nice to relax and forget all that stress and that madness, the designs of the brand La Femme In Noir I've seen them before and they're beautiful.

wonderful photographs.. the first one is just amazing

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