Dark pinup w/ Kristy in my hometown of Minneapolis!

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Good morning, Steemit! I’m at @caffetto with @vermillionfox and resident MTG player @dartstrife. We’re preparing for what will be the first of a series of an on going project involving us, @mada, @tarotbyfergus, @iamredbar and @mad.dawg. I don’t want to give too much away but it will involve @dtube and paranormal investigation. If you want to get the early scoop and follow this project, we have a dedicated account called @axiomproject. You should follow that. There’s going to be some interesting, scary stuff happening through the months of October and November.

For now, I wanted to share a few new photos. I’ve been mounting a defense against the avalanche of work I’m behind on. The last couple of weeks, @vermillionfox has been taking @guthrie home around 8:00p.m., leaving me the late night hours to catch up on work and discuss projects with @bryanpolitte and @ghostfish. It’s been a big deal in helping manage my stress in falling so far behind. I’ve been able to finish a few clients I’ve owed for far too long. A few clients that I’ve shot in the last couple of months are getting their first edits back, and that also feels great.

The photos I’ll be sharing today are from a client in Minnesota that I photographed in mid July, just before I left with @vermillionfox and @guthrie for our month long, coast to coast photography tour/vacation. Her name is Kristy and she’d contacted me in June about setting up a shoot over the summer. I was really excited to have a shoot in Minnesota for a change. There’s a toxic culture here of TF [trade for] shoots. Everyone needs to build a portfolio but it’s gotten to a point that no one expects to pay for the creation of artwork. That’s why I have to constantly go to LA and NYC.

Kristy and her husband met me at @caffetto and we made our way to @mada’s house. In a pinch, @mada’s hooked me up with a beautiful old home in uptown. Furnished with all original decor, @mada’s paintings and giant windows that let in perfectly diffused light. Kristy’s first look was a dark dress that we shot between beautifully patterned curtains. @mada’s house also has a front bay window and we set her up next to an old birdcage. I love interested surroundings to create a complex arrangement by the model.

Finally, near the end of the shoot we took a series of photos of Kristy laying under the piano in the living room. The placement near the window allowed soft light to pour in against the hardwood floor. Sometimes, when I come up with these ideas, the model looks at my like I’m crazy. Ultimately, I just hate the “…stand against this brick wall” photos. I go to great lengths to avoid shots like that and sometimes, that means having the model lay under a piano. The shots came our great, though.

Thanks for reading. There will be more photos of Kristy coming in the next few weeks. I feel like I’ve hit a good stride lately and I’m more productive now than I’ve been in months. For more photography, art, illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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This must be the first time ever that I'm present just as you upload!!


HA! I'm consciously trying to change my life schedule @eveuncovered. I've been staying up till 3:00a.m., getting @guthrie up for school at 7:30a.m. and then being dead through the morning. Last night, I pushed through without a midday nap, slept at midnight and today is the first day of a somewhat normal schedule.


That'll kill you fast, try to get some quality sleep!


This must be the first
Time ever that I'm present
Just as you upload!!

                 - eveuncovered

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

nice images...//

Always gorgeous!! Have you got your own preset for this certain look of yours?

I like the initiative of that account @kommienezuspadt, I will follow it I love the theme.
Soon you will finish and you will not have to sleep so late.
@mada has a very beautiful house! beyond the brick wall, if there are good elements maybe the brick is the least that people notice.

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I hope we get to see the piano shots! I agree that the 'stand against a brick wall' is a bit overdone. Especially in this digital world where we are bombarded by endless images and photos of people, clever angles and inspired settings and poses are such a breath of fresh air. Thanks for bringing that to us!

Another lovely model in amazing clothes. Good luck catching up, it's not fun falling behind, but this is a busy time of the year.

Great reading, quality photography, stunning model... top class all round