"Dark Pinup" pre-sales begin TOMORROW!

in photography •  10 months ago

I miss one Steemit post and everything goes to shit! For the first time in months, I was overtaken by a late night tension headache, and 12 hours later, Bitcoin goes under $10K. All my fault. Sorry, guys.

Crypto bloodshed not withstanding, I do come baring good news. Tomorrow is the day. “Dark Pinup”, the photography book @wcpublishing and I have been working on for the last 8 months, goes on pre-sale…TOMORROW!

This book has been a culmination of five years or sacrifice in the name of creating meaningful, memorable art. Countless budget airlines, flights and buses. I’ve slept on couches, love seats, acupuncture tables and floors. Now that those trials are behind me, I realize this this book, as it’s finally complete, represents the miles I’ve travelled, places I’ve been, people I’ve met and friendships I’ve made.

Tomorrow, you can pre-order the book at www.workingclasspublishing.com. They have been the absolutely best publisher I could have asked for to bring this project to life. My good friend Shannon Brooke has done two books with @wcpublishing. I admire and respect Shannon as a business woman and artist, so when @wcpublishing approached me at her “VROOM!” release party in Las Vegas last year, I already knew they were good people.

I’ve heard nightmare stories about publishers, unfair royalty and contract deals that exploit the artists and models. I’ve had friends that’ve become causalities of publishers like that. @wcpublishing has been engaged and excited about this book since our first meeting at The Triple Rock in Minneapolis. The tireless work on it has been collaborative, and they’ve allowed “Dark Pinup” to be the truest representation of my work and esthetic. 

I love Steemit, and that’s why I’m releasing the official book cover here tonight, publicly, for the first time…any where on the web. We’ve keep this locked down for months, so it brings me joy to share it with a community that deserves it. 

Thanks for reading. If you’d like, order your copy of “Dark Pinup” tomorrow at www.workingclasspublishing.com. I post often. For more photography, art, illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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Congratulations mon ami!!!!!! Wow, that cover is amazing!!! I’m going to be ordering my very own copy today! This is so cool, beautiful, sensual, elegant, the list of positive adjectives goes on and on! Congrats once again!!!!❤️

you need to hurry up and post again before we go under 8k!! Get on it man!
Switching to a good topic, I agree with @bryan-imhoff that cover is amazing!


I’m going to go with the theory that the crypto crash was caused by so many people cashing out to buy Dark Pinup.

Take crypto and I will buy one right away no joke. If you take Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, or even Steem I can do. Will still be getting no matter what though (just crypto I can buy right away), so awesome to see your book cover, perfect shot to use with that old antique frame kind of visually acting as a frame in the background.

Stunning cover! And despite the Bitcoin price drop... I foresee a purchase on my Shift card tomorrow!

i heard about dark pinup but i want to know details.

Love the cover!

And I can't say I'm sad about good buy times for BTC!

That cover image, the way she emerges from the shadow low on the wall yet divided from it by the wood toned rim lighting reflected onto her waist, the coiled spiral of her poise, the cool lighting from the window, the inclination of her head, and that gaze, so other worldly and fey.

All those long evenings toiling to produce your magnus opus while others strived to scry the actions of the figure between the filament bulb and silhouettes formed that fleet across the battered old timbers & bricks of the room, all the while wondering to themselves "What's he building in there?..."

Our best works take effort, a lot of it, and time, and then more effort again. Our greatest works are oft our greatest struggles, so much so they can leave us questioning our judgement and sanity.

The experience they may catalyse in others, wonder, joy, bemusement, thrill, can easy form the impression that their production was commensurate with such, seldom do we consider the possibility that good money was paid to secure valuable equipment in a locker whilst its owner attempted sleep in a terminus chair. Most prices paid in pursuit of mastery are not of coin, but are of note. And you are mastering chiaroscuro, it's a joy to observe.

Looking back I'm sure you know every price in this journey was worth it.

Patrons perusing the pages of this album will attest the same.

Congratulations K, per aspera ad astra!

Congratulations! See you in April

To say I'm excited to see this is an understatement so I can only imagine how you're feeling right now.

Congrats on this fabulous book release, love the cover 😋

Congrats on the book! Finally! You deserve it!
I'm so happy for you, following your work here since the beginning!

Yo I'm loving your work, man. I was put in touch with you by a mutual friend Nick Elder (@elderfinancial). I'm a photographer as well, new to Steemit and figuring it out little by little.

Any pointers you might have would be killer!


STOKED!!! Congratulations, @kommienezuspadt!

Pre sale in order stared,i throught join with us i regarding to per sale order

Well deserved my fiend! congratulations!! :)

Congratulations! It must be so rewarding to see the culmination of all that hard work coming together. Your work deserves to be published and held in people's hands. The cover is beautiful, and the edit is perfect. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Wow great, I'm glad you're ready and the cover is great.

Congratulations, a great success.

amazing post my steemit friend wish you good luk thank you to good story

YAY! Congratulations!!! 🎉 so much hard work definitely paid off! I will be ordering 😁can’t wait to see all the awesomeness inside and have my very own copy!

Wishing you a successful launch!

I hope to buy the book at some point, I would love to see it... Congratulations on completing this project <3

Great news, man. I hope the book is a stunning success. You've obviously put a ton of work into it.

EDIT: just a heads-up. When I click in the link to workingclasspublishing, it brings up an error message

Your connection is not private
Attackers might be trying to steal your information from www.workingclasspublishing.com (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards).

I think it's because the link starts with "https://". When I type in the address myself, it goes to the regular http:// page without a problem. I tried it with Google Chrome on two different computers, both with the same results.


Very exciting news... who is going to worry about crypto when you see this cover 😍

Wanted to head on over to workingclasspublishing to order the book, but I'm getting an error message...

Diese Verbindung ist nicht sicher
Der Inhaber von www.workingclasspublishing.com hat die Website nicht richtig konfiguriert. Firefox hat keine Verbindung mit dieser Website aufgebaut, um Ihre Informationen vor Diebstahl zu schützen.

This connection is not secure
The owner of www.workingclasspublishing.com has not configured the website correctly. Firefox has not connected to this website to protect your information from theft.

Just thougth I'd mention it, so you could look into it and not loose any sales because of the issue. I'm here in Germany and tried to access the site from a PC with win10/Firefox 58.0.1 (64-Bit)

Good luck and much success with the book!


Thanks for the info @reinhard-schmid! Some browsers have an issue with our website - here is a direct link to our store https://workingclasspublishing.ecwid.com/PRE-SALE-Dark-Pinup-by-Lars-Kommienezuspadt-p100367602


Many thanks for the link! You know, you really want something, when a crashed hard drive, network problems and shipping costing more than half the book can't stop you from ordering... Impatiently awaiting my parcel now ;-)

Congratss, good luck on your book pre-sale



Awesome, that feeling when a long project nears completion is so satisfying in a way that's hard to understand for some people I think. I never understood it until I started painting when I was 31. Good luck, hope it's a big hit, 5 years is a lot of time invested!

"Dark Pinup"
I'm really curious about this book :) I congratulate you so much for the book :) super news
as soon as I will order it as soon as possible

Goth pinups, nice combo m8

Wow, congratulations. It's so nice to see years of hardwork realized in a tangible thing, I am sure it will be a lovely and beautiful book.

I thought it was my fault btc dropped, as I thought, "well, I better start getting really good at posting all the time to earn more crypto" and blammo it dropped. Good to know it was your fault not mine ;)

Again, congratulations on your book, so exciting.

The website is/ was not working for me, i tried the day after u posted this ?!

Sick dude. All those hours. All those days. I have witnessed the sweat and blood poured into your work. A culmination of epic proportion.

I want to order this but the website doesnt work :// ?

Omg, yes!!!! Congratulations darling, the cover looks absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to get my hands on this❤️

Is there any way a loyal fangirl could get the book signed by you?