Closure w/ a very patient Delilah!

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Good afternoon, morning or evening, depending where you are, fellow Steemians. I am fresh off of the most productive days I’ve had in a month. I have a demanding metric on what qualifies as a “perfect day” in my life. I have to edit photos, draw, play Magic with friends, spend time with @vermillionfox and @guthrie and exercise. That may sound like an achievable goal, but I’m usually only able to fit all of that in once every 60 to 90 days. Fortunately, yesterday was one of those days. The timing was perfect because like many of us, the bear market is clawing away at my will trying to break me every time I look at CoinMarketCap.

The photography I got around to editing yesterday was nontrivial. It was for a client I shot last year in Buffalo, NY on my way to Toronto, ON. Her name is Delilah. She was a darling, and perhaps one of the most patient women I’ve ever shot with. I keep a pretty accurate log of what I owe in my head. Sadly, many times, it does become a game of “…squeaky wheel gets the grease” and the most vocal clients tend to get their edits first. I hate catering to that, but harassing texts or emails stress me out and I feel less effective in the rest of my workload. Delilah was a dream client. She trusted me that I wouldn’t forget her.

When I opened her folder on my HD, though, I realized she’d only received three images back since last fall. I fully accept the blame in this and it was totally unacceptable. I go on and on about the Dark Pinup book. It really did set me back at least six months, but there isn’t really an excuse for only getting three images back within this amount of time. Once I realized that, I set everything aside and for the rest of the day, I wasn’t going to stop editing until Delilah was completely finished.

Keep in mind, one edit takes me close to two hours […sometimes over]. I owed her an additional seven, but sitting at @caffetto the entire morning, afternoon and early evening, I was able to get them done. Having a chance to reflect on that shoot was it’s own reward. Delilah was such a wonderful model. She knew her body, she knew her poses and had a piercing gaze that she was able to turn on during the shoot. Before the sun went down, we made use of the natural light coming through the windows.

Near the end of the shoot, once the sun had already began to fall, we were able to set up seductive, moody photos by candlelight near the windows. There were some of my favorite of the entire session. Delilah just had a look that complimented the somewhat sinister esthetic. From there, we went to the kitchen table, and in almost complete darkness, laid her there surrounding by candles. The light just bounced off her face. I’d forgotten how beautiful those images really were.

Thanks for reading. I feel so relieved to get these pictures back to Delilah, and the last few weeks, I’ve been doing a decent job of closing out owed work to clients that’ve been delayed because of Dark Pinup. I’ll have more work this week for sure. Thanks for reading. For more photography, art, illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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Lovely photoshoot!!! Great work, thanks for sharing ;-) Upvoted, and following you now!

why does these girls love to sleep on the floor? I don't get it...

And yeah, I have to say it again, "GOD DAMN SON!!!!"


@turtledancedaily, you should see some of the places and positions I put these poor women. It's become an inside joke that I'm not satisfied unless they're uncomfortable. I just hate boring poses and pictures.


the more pain you inflict the better the picture? I'll write that down in my notebook about art tips.

writing it down

"the harder it is for the model the better"= an art perspective from a sadist.


Gorgeous shots, @kommienezuspadt :) Despite the delay, I can sense your commitment and dedication to your craft and to your sense of professionalism ! The lighting is very organic and moody with the candles, at the end shots, but I love all the pictures in this set <3 Wonderful works <3


Thank you @veryspider. Sadly, I have a lot of clients I've owed for far, far too long [...hopefully none longer than Delilah's been waiting, though]. The book just disrupted what was a very harmonious schedule of shooting and editing. I had to keep shooting to pay the bills, but for almost 10 months, the only photos I could edit were the ones that would be in the book. It all had to be done before it went to print. I love the book and I'm so proud of it, but I've been spending most of 2018 trying to dig out of the hole it's gotten me in to.


The book has carved a dent into your routine, but it is a beautiful book and worth the trouble, I think ! You are a tenacious spirit, so I believe in your capacity to dig your way out of that hole, and re-find your harmonious scheduling balance in the near future :)

As they say, "Things worth doing for are usually hard."

Delliah is worth giving all my attention, you created an untamed beauty there.


HAHA! Thanks, @mediahousent. She is beautiful. She was so much fun to photograph.


Lol, you got the twisted words, wow!
Yeah, she's really beautiful, you must really be enjoying photography...

nice clicks,

Also pls checkout my recent post , hope you like the same

Oh...I’m very straight, but if I was not, I’d love to find Delilah wedged under my coffee table like that. Naughty, naughty...

But tbh, you do so much black lingerie that I welcomed the white lace. Give me some ladies with some hot pink, electric blue or canary yellow knickers!


This is not a Victoria Secret Catalogue?

Well, okay then. Favourite pic is most definitely #2, but what are you doing with these gorgeous lady models, Kommie? They keep ending up on the floor lately.

I’m beginning to wonder if these photo shoots are really wrestling matches!

Props to finally getting the shots out to the model and being able to admit you were at fault.

You should have gotten to these a lot sooner though! Not just because of responsibility though, and her being such a dream client, but because they're really good shots! Perhaps some of them are a bit standard with their setup...but they're really well lit, and the model did perfectly posing from what it seems, as well as you doing a great job with the angles. I really like the one with the tartan chair.

Maybe you should try to set up something in regards to a calandar or something to try to remind yourself of what you need to edit and give the best models a bit of an edge over the ones that aren't quite as nice. I can understand that those that bug you need to be gotten out of the way first, just for stress reasons, but other than that, the best ones should kinda get a priority, as a reward.

Yeah, yeah...I know, my opinion doesn't really matter... You should consider doing another shoot with her though, because the shots did turn out great. I could also make an argument about you owing her for being so patient with you. :P

Very nice photography setting the ambience and the candle creating the mood which complimented your subject. Thanks my friend


Thanks @enjoywithtroy. I love those last couple shots. They've got such a mood about them. Congratulations on moving up the rep ranks so quickly, BTW. Great that you're already at a (62).

Delilah is really beauty! And who did the makeup for her? She or was it invited a beautician

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I am in love with the third shot! It's very stripped and understated compared to your usual works, which you know I love, but there is something special about this image. It's just a girl, a beautiful girl, lost in thought, no smoke and mirrors, which you quite literally have in a lot of your photos!

And you can solve the delay of the photographs, I think it is normal to have delays in some things because of everything that is busy because of the orders and trips in general you've done lately, I guess it's just a matter of organizing a little more time

Delilah looks beautiful. Nice shots. When I read "one edit takes me close to two hours" wow, no wonder they look great. Hat off to photographer :D

I understand @kommienezuspadt, I try not to see that page very often, because it puts my mind on the ground, but forward, no?
You have had many against times, but let's hope everything gets better soon, a bad time has passed for a long time, it should not take so long
the last photos are perfect, the atmosphere with only lighting of the candles is incredible the effect it has. The photos you make with her lying down, I like them very much!
I'm sad because I could not participate in your contest, 😭 😩
It's over, right?

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I can't help but always make the 'film noir' comparison but it's so good.

I also really love the last picture as it makes me think of the late 60's 70's 'horror' films that would always play on Saturday afternoons after cartoons, like things with Vincent Price etc, that I loved. I mean this as the utmost compliment even though they were B movies, I loved the imagery and colours of those films.