Charlotte Cake, New Zealand pin-up girl in Las Vegas!

in photography •  11 months ago

Good evening, Steemit! I’m settling in for the night. I’ve been all over Minneapolis today and the errand fatigue is setting in. I did have a nice afternoon coffee date with @moony at @caffetto. A meeting with a marketing company and educated them on Steemit as a tool, and technology. I spent some money on new Magic: The Gathering cards, played […and beat, that’s right. I know you’re reading this…] @tarotbyfergus in a best out of three Commander round. Not a bad day, but a busy one. In bed now for some Steemit therapy.

Tonight’s photography comes from Viva Las Vegas this past Spring. This client came to be through our mutual friend, Miss Victory Violet. Also a New Zealand native, Charlotte was coming to the US for the legendary Rockabilly Weekend and hired me for a private session in the throes of a crazy trip.

Also, similarly to my kiwi friend, Miss Victory Violet, Charlotte came ready to shoot, hair, make-up ready, with a jaw dropping array of vintage wardrobe. We began shooting at a fancy condo located directly on the Las Vegas strip. I was able to use soft, diffused window light in the dining area, then we made our way to the bedroom which was adorned in gold, from the walls to the bed spread. So unapologetically Vegas, and made for beautiful editorial images. Her hair, make-up and wardrobe fit the era perfectly.

Afterwards, we drove to The Artisan Hotel, my favorite place to stay […and shoot] in Vegas. Charlotte changed in to another awe inspiring custom gown, entirely made of blue accents. We walked around the Artisan grounds making pictures, then it occurred to me, I had to shoot her against the gold Mastiff dogs at the hotel entrance. The color compliments were harmonious, and Charlotte’s fair skin offset and balanced the saturated colors.

I love having the opportunity to share photos from Viva, and tell the stories. Honestly., that week and a half is so fast and chaotic, it feels like blur. Steemit gives me the chance to slow down and relive each shoot, and this was one of my favorites from the spring. Thanks for reading. I post daily. For more photography, art, illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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OMG you are my hero !!!!

Everything is always so perfect on your blog.
Your work always motivates me to fight for my dreams.

I always love the absolute variety of shots you get with these models. Sometimes it seems like you spend the whole day with them! Every shot is so unique but it all lends itself to the general story of the shoot, love it.

Some excellent portraiture with some feeling in it. What focal lengths do you prefer? I stick to 50mm primarily, trustworthy and cost efficient.

Kiwi models rule :)

ohhh I love how you did your hair! :) beautiful​ photos.

NIce photoset!

Really great. Love the last one the most. The color contrast makes everything pop, and the lines just work.

Timeless look in all of the pictures.

Good evening @Kommienezuspadt
have a nice day

Thank you for sharing these Lars! I think she is my favorite so far. So gorgeous with the dark hair! :)

loving the parasol color against the cool background on that first one. mmmmhmmmmm

Wow! Pretty Face with good posing skills :)

Nice pictures ... I loved the hairstyle of the model.

When I'm at home relaxing I live in ostrich feather sleeves..... le sigh
I live this! Hope you and your loves are doing excellent!

Very beautiful pictures I just love them, the model, the surroundings just beautiful. If you have time go to Como park zoo its amazing! I lived in St Paul and had my twins in the twin cities beautiful place

Wow, that girl is gorgeous in the best way. Great capturing.

very good model

wow..your cuteness is overloaded....