Boudoir w/ Victoria in New York City!

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Hey, Steemit! It’s late and I just wanted to get a post in before retiring for the evening. Tomorrow @guthrie is having a friend over for the afternoon, so I should be rested enough to wrangle two first graders running through my house. 

Tonight’s photography comes from one of my trips to New York City wrapping up 2017. I made a massive tour throughout Pennsylvania, NYC, Philadelphia and Toronto, OC. Shortly before my trip, I’d received a message through Instagram from a model living in Manhattan. She was looking to grab the last booking, previously opened by a cancellation. Her name was Victoria.

I worked out my schedule for the time I was going to be in the city and I had one early morning I could fit in her session. Fortunately, I could even use the room I stayed in the night prior for the shoot, assuming we could finish up before check out. As a lifelong freelance artist, I always try and maximize my expenses, such as cars, flights, hotels and food, while on the road. New York City is always difficult to find available, affordable locations, so this was perfect.

Victoria knew what she wanted. A commanding, strong, dominant presence, capturing her confidence and curves in a moody, elegant setting. She had a collection of sexy wardrobe including fetish latex and stockings. We shot so early, the sun was just piercing in to the room throughout the Manhattan buildings surrounding our hotel, which gave me a chance to mix warm, incandescent light with cooler, natural light. One of my favorite techniques.

The shoot was relatively fast. We managed to wrap in 90 minutes or so with a total of three outfit changes. Victoria was a total pro, arriving on time, taking great direction and working within our time budget. We took our last photos of the final look, just 20 minutes before check out, and with that, we were on our way.

Thanks for reading. For more photography, illustration, art and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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God bless you

Wow. Very sexy!


Yh.. Nice boobs

What a great way to end a year! Her hair and the warmth of the room add to the sexiness of it all!

Very hot

Beautiful model, and I love the way you have done your lighting. I'm following for more.

The contrast of the cool and warm light is very powerful. What program do you use to make adjustments to your images?

Nice "atmosphère"!

Victoria taking your great directions and arriving within your stipulated time frame made your work very perfect!
Great Perfect finish you have there!

You are beautifully captured 😂

Good night!

wow wonderful photography.. nice art.. beautiful blog.. i like your post.. thanks for sharing

I am usually a man of many words and precision. I run out of words on this. I can only say: "wow". Absolutely a joy to behold. Good work.'s amazing, i very like it..Perfect body and good photography

Nice eyes thr. Wah camera do u use? Great resolution.

Nice Post Dear Steemian. Thank You For Your Effort
Shared LOVE With My Upvote. How about you Share some Love too?
Cheers and Have a Peaceful, Profitable Year .
Keep Posting and Get Rich ;) :)

Very nice light in the pictures. I bit retro. I like your style.

really hot

Pretty girl and very sexy

You do a phenomenal job with the lighting, man. Very vintage feel here, I love it.

Always doing excellent jobs. I like these pictures a lot and the model looks great.

that lighting in the last one is awesome, I love the "cooler" look of it

great work ..

Very nice work. She is a lovely model. Don’t know how you keep up with so many bookings. Always tastefully photographed.

Hi kommienezuspadt, best wishes for 2018!
Looking forward to all your sexy photoshoots (like this one OMG :O)

Amazing work sir!!!!!

Meow - vavavum. If she was a sketch I would be questioning my proportions.