A view of the coast at the dawn.

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Hello steemers happy sunday and hope all our activities today useful for us and everyone. Back again in my post, this time I will share the story about the natural beauty and tourism in Indonesia.


The sea is a place where some people spend their weekends with family, friends and loved ones. Why ? because the sea for some people is a place that has everything, from sunrise, sunset and other natural scenery.

Talking about the sea is certainly not escaped by the beauty of the beaches that are so charming just call Kuta Beach in Bali, the beach that is known for its pristine beauty is visited by thousands of tourists and tourists from various parts of the world every year. The waves and the beach breeze that was so comfortable made us feel at home for a long time.


The sea is also a very suitable place for us to enjoy dusk, because dusk here is different from other places. Here you can enjoy dusk with a more open view while staring at the sky that is starting to blush because of dusk.

Plants that grow around the beach also make the atmosphere and scenery more enjoyable and comfortable, rows of coconut trees on the beach make your dusk more complete with the scenery there.

Let us enjoy this nature without having to damage it, love this nature as you love yourself.

Let's take care of this nature.

Let's preserve local tourism and culture.

Cultivate a healthy life by not littering.

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Iyaa makasih atas doa dan dukungan nya

kru seumangat. Beu jut keu rakan tanyo mandum, Syedara Kolasyumar. Pat droe neuh tinggai? Kamoe di LSK ngon Matagkuli.

Kamo di Krueng mane, Muara batu rakan

Buat postingan tutorial aja Bang Hasbuh biar mantap dan skopnya lebih luas lagi.

Krue seumangat. Beu jeut keu amai nyng jroih, cut bang.

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Amazing photos, keep going.

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