The first sign of life in my garden / Die ersten Lebenszeichen in meinem Garten

in photography •  last year

Hello Steemians ... how are you today?

Hallo Steemians ... Wie geht es euch heute?

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Like I've already mentioned in my previous article that some bulbs have already started to grow again.
Today I made some pictures of them and now I'd like to present it here for you.
The dews on the flowers make it looks so fresh, very pretty. I can't hardly wait to see another blooms.

Wie ich bereits in meinem vorherigen Beitrag erwähnt habe, sind einige Zwiebelpflanzen in meinem Garten schon ausgetrieben.
Heute habe ich ein paar Bilder aufgenommen und jetzt möchte ich sie hier präsentieren.
Das Wassertröpfchen auf den Blüten lässt sie noch viel schöner und frischer aussehen. Ich kann kaum warten,
bis ich noch weitere Lebenszeichen in meinem Garten sehen kann.

Here are some shots of snowdrops blossoms.
[Hier sind einige Aufnahmen von Schneeglöckchen.]

This is Erica.
[Dies ist ein Heidekraut]

Hyacinth [Hyazinthen]
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Those are nice photos of your spring flowering bulbs and Erica. That third picture of the snowdrops, with the water drops on it, is really pretty! I like the round frame on the second image, too!

It would be nice to read more about your garden or your plants -- maybe why you like them or why you chose to grow these plants. Or where they are growing and what you do to take care of them. I bet you will have a lot of pretty flowers to show us this growing season! Happy gardening!


Thank you. Sure, I'll write more about my plants later when they come to life again. :-)
I'll be looking forward to seeing yours too.


Spring will be here before we know it! : )

Thank you for posting @kobold-djawa.

Very pretty flowers especially with dew...resting like diamonds upon their heads.

Appreciate you bringing them to Steemit. Cheers.


You're welcome @bleujay
Thank you for visiting and voting too. :)
Let's hope that spring come really soon, then we can enjoy more beautiful blossoms.

Nice gardening! I especially like the water drops on the flowers. They are very beautiul pictures. These make me feel fresh now! Thanks a lot for sharing! :D


You're welcome ... I like to visit your blog too. :)
Thanks for your comment and upvote.


You're welcome! It's nice to hear that you like to visit my blog. ;)