Who´s that bat?

in #photography4 years ago

Found this little one on the house wall.

Click for full size picture

Does anyone know what kind of a bat this is?

He or she is very cute I think, I´m surprised that I found it in the daytime.

He must be confused.

Camera: Nikon D80, Nikkor 18-55 mm


Looks like a little brown bat. It is also sick if you were seeing it in the day. There's some kind of fungus infecting bats in North America that gets to their brain and eventually kills them =( It disorients them and they act erratic such as stopping being nocturnal. -edit - I see that you are in Sweden so it might not be that fungus. Would not be a brown bat either, probably a northern bat

Hopefully, it doesn´t have that fungus. But I agree, it is probably sick of something.

Thanks for the information!

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