Put the bee on ice, it's a ladybug Sunday!

in photography •  2 years ago 

Continued test of my new Samsung Galaxy S9. I love to shoot macro and to get really close to my motifs that usually consist of insects.  

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Spring has come to Sweden, the snow and ice are melting and the insects begin to wake up. Today's pictures represent the first awake ladybug of the year's and a bee that woke up too early and had a hard time in the cold.

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I am a real picture geek and are always on the lookout for the perfect focus. Samsung S9 does not disappoint me and delivers really good macro pictures, for a mobile camera. 

Camera: Samsung Galaxy S9  

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wow.... perfect closeups.... keep it up your good work....

Thank you :)

Your post is very good, I like it and thank you for being a motivation for me to write like you

Thank you for your kind words.

I love this color... Can you see my post on flower https://steemit.com/nature/@yurilaya/entre-flores-forma-color-y-olor

Yeah, like the colors too. I checked your post, liked the flowers so I gave you an upvote. Didn´t understand the language thou.

Have a great day :)


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