Green Shield Bug

in #photography4 years ago

Found this little insect at work. When everyone thought it was disgusting and ran around screaming, I was looking forward to taking pictures of it.

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We will enjoy its green color now in the summer. In the autumn fall, it will have a more brownish color.

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Fun facts about shield bugs: The female puts eggs on leaves and then watches both eggs and kids for a few weeks. It belongs to the species stink bug that spreads a smelly odor if they feel threatened.

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My cousin happened to eat a stink bug while she was going to eat ice cream. 

It apparently tastes very bad.

Camera: Samsung Galaxy S9



Blahhhh - that's unlucky - to accidentally eat one :)
I love shield bugs. Had loads in my garden last year and when I zoomed in on their wings they were a beautiful coppery gold. I love watching them grow from babies through to adult too - they look so different when they are in their first stages.

They are truly incredible and beautiful :)

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