Birds and bees!

in #photography4 years ago

At last, the first spring days have come, and with them the birds and bees. And of course the busy bumblebee.

Click here for full size picture

Click here for full size picture

I managed to take a picture of a bee on the go to a new flower to pollinate.

Click here for full size picture

Click here for full size picture

Now it's time to start the plantations that will give this year harvest of onions, potatoes, and some delicious strawberries.

Have fun in the sun!

Camera: Nikon D80, nikkor 18-55 mm  


Ahhh.....mother nature's hardest workers are out in full force. Great shots!

Yeah, you have to love those busy little bees :)

Beautiful pictures!!

Love the detail of the bee's hair. Is that pollen on it's back? One of my earliest memories was walking in our yard and stepping on a bumble bee and getting stung. I didn't see it. Much crying and pain.

Thank you. Yes, that´s right, it is covered with pollen. Interesting to see it doing natures work.

Hope it didn´t hurt you too much, can be very painful.

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