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Thanks for sharing another set of breathtaking sceneries! These shots can't be retaken by anyone easily and are actually worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Keep up the good work!

Amazing landscape photos!

I need to get out more!!!

Beautiful Photos, kinda wish it had what camera was used. Wonder if they are edited or Raw. Appositely stunning either way...

Those are amazing photos, Keep sharing them.
I also love to share such photography on my profile. You may wanna see them.

Wow! Very beautiful scenery. Photos are beautiful too.

How lucky (please read "blessed") you have to be to witness these amazing scenery?!......

Wow love your photography work. Adventurous pictures. Those pictures are presenting the true beauty of nature.

Really so great photography. i like so much this pictures. really so amazing.

I never see snow in my whole life, I hope i can be here someday

great photos im really much into the nature photography , i will go after 2 month to Iceland and thank you for sharing this really motivate me more to do this :)

Very beautiful and eye catching pictures. All are awesome.

Is this your work? Can you tell us about the equipment you've used and more about the locations?

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I would certainly not mind living in the woods, all alone. Just as long as there's internet. LOL. The If I had to choose between Norway and Iceland, judging by the pictures. I think I would go for Norway

beautiful photos . i love them

very nice, thanks for sharing


really most wonderful and beautiful place.
natural pic.

Remarkable photos! For a long time I want to go to Norway to shoot the fjords and ice))

Crazy beautiful shot, very inspiring !!! hope my photography skills go to that level, what lens would you recommend for landscape photography, I'm an amateur photographer, and only have a 35mm 2.5 and a nifty 50 1.8, they are good for portraits but I have no idea what to get for landscapes as beautiful as those.

Awesome shots, you got a new follower, looking forward to next posts :)

This is bob Ross wet dream

The charm of this country is famous all over the world. Various tourist attractions in Norway is increasingly amazing if you can see it live.

Wonderful views captured here. I am personally fun of nature and great lover of photographs, especially when their taken with focus on the landscape. I will humbly suggest that, on top of the spectacular titling, a brief caption on the individual photographs will make thinks a lot more fluid. Nevertheless, I love this pictures. Your lenses really know what you want from them...keep snapping

Great shots, kiimo! Thank you for sharing!

wow this location is very beautiful and so very amazing .
your good job boss, thanks for shar that

actually is Iceland very very amazing location .

I really like your More beautiful scenery from various locations in Norway.your Norway locations photography always best I appreciated your post ,,,,,Thankks for sharing,,,,,,,,

Gracias @kiimo por mostrarnos esta hermosa parte del planeta, por enseñarme algo nuevo. abrazos.

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Is that you in the red coat?

Amazing views of some beautiful landscapes!

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¡OMG! that's so beautiful. You got my upvote.

this amazing image proves that the power of god is unrivaled, the god who created all this beauty and should we have to take care and give thanks for the blessings that God gives to us

Wow! amazing views.

Hi @kiimo incredible photos you have here WOW

Iceland looks amazing!!


This is beautiful.
Nature at its best
Picture tourism at work.

Nice! Thanks for creating and sharing!

Hi, I upvoted and followed you :)

Follow back and we can help each other succeed! @fieldsofgold

I love pics from Norway. Bravo!

WOW... these are absolutely breathtaking.. thank you for sharing!

It is a beautiful country! I would like to live there ...

Bener true panorama alamyang beautiful friend.

Beautiful scenery! Thank you sharing :D

Thank you for sharing Norway is may fevorite country its veru intersting and Amazing photography

Your photos are stunning!

Piękne krajobrazy.

added in my bucket list !!

Stunning photos! Two thumbs up! :)

WOW! Very very amazing! I am sitting in an office and crying)

Such a natural photography

Wow, looks like heaven. You must be enjoying every moments.

I hope to make it to Norway some day...thank you for sharing these photos

Very beautiful landscape. Look at my pictures from Serbia, and tell me your opinion.

Good job !

God damn, what a beautiful pictures! :o
could you tell me what camera/lenses did u use?

One day I want to be there!!!

Hi! I enjoy your post coming a good time for me to see and read ... life becomes very busy but only love and affection in need in life. incredible work of yours. Thanks for sharing.


Que buenas imágenes es realmente hermoso ese país the epic gothic, algun día me gustaría conocerlo saludos desde el otro lado del mundo.