📷 Not Man-made Sphinx

in #photography4 years ago

Looks like egyptian sphinx, right? But it was created by nature, not by human hands. Time and wind worked to turn just a stone almost into a sculpture.

By the way, this is a non-classical view of the object in the Timna Valley (Israel). In maps, this hill is usually called Spiral Hill and the photographs that illustrate it usually have a completely different look. Something like the one on the photo below. Here you can see the spiral structure encircling it.

Good view, I agree. And from a geological point of view perfectly illustrates the processes of erosion. But it seems to me that another side view is much more interesting)

November 2019, Israel.


P.S. You can click on the photo to view it in a larger size

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What a neat feature! That definitely does look like a Sphinx. Once you see it it's hard to unsee, too, from any of the angles!

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Congratulations @kibela!

Yes, you are right — it's almost impossible to unsee the sphinx now) Thank you!

Привет! Действительно, с первого взгляда кажется сфинксом.

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