📷 Haifa at Night

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A night view of the city of Haifa in Israel. A beautiful building is the Shrine of the Bab, one of the most important temples and holy places of the Bahá'í faith. Below, you can see the beginning of the Bahai Gardens. But since I was there at night, alas, I could not see them properly. In general, the Shrine, along with the gardens, is one of Haifa's brightest attractions.

November 2019, Israel.

Exposure time: 5 sec
Aperture: F 13
Sensitivity: ISO 640
Focal length: 75 mm
35 mm equivalent: 150 mm

P.S. You can click on the photo to view it in a larger size

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Красота 👍

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А вживую ещё красивее) Жалею, что не получилось посмотреть хотя бы на закате.

Israel, Island, New Zeland. Looks like you've been everywhere )

Unfortunately, still not everywhere. But I dream and strive for this)

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