Hello @kiaraantonoviche. I appreciate you liking my photo. I went to your newsletter. I do like it and it is something different and interesting. Good luck in your new series. Yet, please ask for permission before using other steemit member's content. This is a very hot topic as there has been rampant misuse of other peoples content on Steemit for monetary gains.

I am not saying this is your intent. I see that you only joined in May and I see that you did your best in linking and honoring my photo but you still need to ask for permission before using another person's content.

I am a nice guy, been around here a while and try to help new steemit members. This is just a fair warning as other members may get way more upset and even possibly flag your post if you use their content without asking.

good luck with your newsletter and welcome to Steemit, Rudy

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