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If you go on a long journey or a business trip

Suddenly, necessary items can be created.

However, the large marts are exhibited mainly on items that people in that country live in.

You may not have the goods you need in your home country.

In particular, if the rechargeable battery adapter is broken or you need a specific part!

It is difficult to find the 'pork nose' used in Korea.

In this case , if you run to a street grocery store or a miscellaneous goods market without hesitation, 'You can get everything'

They only sell well-selling items and sell them.

It's just that you put all the stars and sell them by type.

However, sometimes I bought it, but there is a disadvantage that it may not work .

I bought a charger adapter on this day, but it didn't work, so I ran and changed it.

'I can't speak, can I change it?' Rather than worry

Just carry it and notice it.

'Oh no, I brought it!' While doing that. Ha ha ha

Thanks to you, if you couldn't get an adapter,

I was able to stop wasting foreign currency by buying only an adapter for 1,000 won.

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