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Flower, how beautiful and enchanting
Colourfully irresistible as I gazed upon you


You vanish ugliness and gloom with such ease
Your friendliness is welcoming to all that flies, crawls and walks.
Your therapeutic nature leaves me in a trance,

I can't simply untangle myself from your soft gentle grip,
You greet the sun with open spread arms and dance to the rhythmic directions of the fresh wind which you have made so pure and refreshing

flower 2.jpg
I need you some, every day as I wake and as I retire
You fall only to rise and blossom again with season
I love being close to you as I can not get enough of you, your smell, softness, and tenderness
When I give you out, I get hugs and kisses. You symbolize love, you preserve love, that's why;
I love me some flower...

Thanks for reading...

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thanks, am glad you like it...

Flowers are always endearing...

Wow, love the poetic embroidery

Good job. Well done