Abandoned Poolhouse

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Fleishhacker Poolhouse


I first became interested in photography through graffiti. My friends and I would go on some of the craziest adventures visiting abandoned warehouses, climbing freeway overpasses and getting chased by dogs. The adrenaline was addicting and it was all cheap thrills. We've explored places that most people never even get to see their whole lives.
I felt like I had to document it all.



The Fleishhacker Poolhouse has always been something special to me as it was the first "graff yard" I was ever able to sneak in to. Unfortunately it was burnt down years ago and I lost most of my pictures that was stored on an old hard drive that crashed.... Had a lot of good memories and met some of the most interesting people in the poolhouse. To this day it's still my favorite yard I've ever visited.



Series Urbex
Camera Canon EOS 6D
Lens Canon f/4 24-105mm
Location Fleishacker Poolhouse, CA

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I got goosebumps from looking at these shots. Awesome place :)

Thanks! I have a lot more Urbex coming soon! Stay tuned! =]

Great! I look forward to seeing it :)

hahaha...I saw this a while ago and wondered if you had seen it. And here it is, resteemed! lol Are you predictable ...... yes :)

Haha, I think you know me way too well 😁

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