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I’ve always liked taking the ferry. The feeling of a gentle breeze on my face as I look out the windows to see the skyline move past me. The low droning hum of the ferry’s engine and the rhythmic lapping of water against the boat’s hull are like music to my ears. The slightly rocky feeling from the rolling and pitching motions tend to leave me in a dreamy state. For the entire duration onboard, I feel removed from the world, from harsh realities. There, nothing plagues my soul, nothing eats away at my spirit, nothing that tells me I am nothing.

But when there is a beginning, there will be an end. The ferry reaches the harbour, mooring lines thrown onshore. The air is once again still and stale. It is no longer music that I hear, just the noise of passengers disembarking. I get up and leave.

Reality is back.

Images used within this post are photos taken by yours truly, unless otherwise stated.

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very poetic and authentic...nice photo too :-)

I like this thanks.
Following you

Nice post. Felt like I was there. Upvoted.