I didn't jump ship!

in photography •  3 months ago

...I just quasi-moved to California.

Sorry for being so MIA, team. It's not because the exchange is low - it's just been BUSY and I just had to let some things go. I'm spending time in Southern California this next stretch on a P-2 visa, so I will be coming and going a lot if all goes according to plan. I drove 36 hours in 5 days, seeing friends along the way. Before that, it was packing and planning and a lot of everything. Before that, it was a visit in Toronto with friends.

It's been great, but there's been zero time for a Steemit post!

It might be a little sketchy yet the next few days, although I'm going to try to steal away to a coffee shop to write and post a bit. But after that I hope to be a bit more settled to look into things.

IMG_3919 2.JPG

How are you all in Cryptoland? I know it's been a rough go this last stretch. Catch me up!

Photo credit: the lovely @jonliz.


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I don't like to "qausi" anything. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing do or die :-)


haha. I feel you. I'm the same, but my visa is only for a quasi-move (coming and going to perform rather than living here), so that's what I get for now :).


When spirit had me move to Arizona I had no visa at all :-)
Spent 6 years there. Mind you those were simpler times.

the best spent moment of life is the moment spent by one's own choice and own way... self spirit is a great spirit

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Beautiful California...so far for many of us. Too far...you are there, have a good time!

Hi Kay,

How are you doing?

Did you eat any great restaurants in Toronto?

The one & main thing I LOVED about TO were the restaurants.

Although around 2000 they started losing all the great restaurants as the mom & pop home made food places were shutting down to be replaced by more FAKE food : (

I wonder if my favs are still around.

I lost a few of them like a great Japanese place downtown, a great Persian place in the Persian area, & a great Israeli place. She went back to Israel.

Oh & a Moroccan place that was bought out & the food sucked after that : (

Enjoy ....

Hey there, I was wondering where you'd went. Where about in Southern California?


Hey! Saw your message. I'm in LA-ish currently :)


If I had my car I'd come visit you. I'm in San Diego atm.


Aw, friend! That's the best. I have my car and might make it up your way at the end of September. If there is a window to meet up for a coffee somewhere, would be cool! I'll be in touch.