My town "Boconó garden of Venezuela"

in photography •  4 months ago

Greetings friends, today highlighting the beauty of our country and of course my beautiful municipality Boconó, surrounded by mountains and mountains a place where its main beauty are its inhabitants with their solidarity, humility and above all with a big heart.


The garden of Venezuela as baptized our Liberator Simón Bolívar, small place, of charming climate where you can enjoy an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony.


A beautiful landscape that is enjoyed from the tourist star, where you can see the whole town, the location allows a panoramic view of Boconó, this viewpoint is 20 minutes from the town and is a place where you can share a nice afternoon.


The route to the viewpoint is a fairly steep road, it is advisable to have a large vehicle that has the strength to climb the steep mountain, caution is advised in the narrow curves of the route.


My companion my brother who on his motorcycle took me to enjoy the place, getting to the viewpoint is really worth it, it offers a beautiful view that I wanted to share with you.


Photographs taken from my Huawei LUA-L23 phone.


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Muy linda ciudad @katiuskagomez espero pronto poder conocerla Boconó Estado Trujillo


Gracias amiga, tambien espero que pronto puedas conocer. Feliz día

Hola @katiuskagomez, es maravilloso promocionar con orgullo nuestro pueblo, para que todos se sientan motivados a visitarlo, éxitos y bendiciones.

Hola @katiuskagomez, es hermosa la vista de tù pueblo, el verde de las montañas lo hace aùn mas lindo y acogedor, espero poder visitarlo pronto con mi familia, felicidad siempre.