Sunset as an Experience

in photography •  7 months ago

There's just something about the sunset by the beach or just the sunset in general. When you really take time to just sit down and look at it, it makes you feel a thousand different ways at the same time.

It's not only a scenery, it's a feeling and an experience- an experience that you get to witness almost everyday. It's something so magnificent that you might miss if you blink or close your eyes at the wrong moment for it only lasts for a couple of seconds.

Don't you find it amazing how you can literally see the sun sink down right there before your eyes. At one moment it's high up and the next time you know it's hiding out of your sight.


There's something about that short period of time between the sun setting and the night just beginning. It's some sort of transition period that makes me think and feel a lot of things. The sense of in betweeness, confusion, indecision, ambivalence and uncertainty that gives you a sense of familiarity in a weird way for it's something that you always almost feel in everything that you do.

When almost everything in this world is so fast paced, more often than not, we tend to forget to give time to things like this, and sometimes when it's moments like these that makes life worth living.

DSCF2316 (1).JPG

(The photos were taken on my trip to the beach with a Fujifilm X-A3)

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